the 12 bad foods

The first step in your journey of healing is eliminating the consumption of foods which have a net negative effect on your health. Currently we recognize 12 foods that you need to stop eating immediately:

1.     Wheat



2.     Barley

3.     Rye

4.     Oats

5.     Oil in a bottle

6.     Fried food

7.     Red meat cooked well done

8.     Meat that has nitrates added to it as a preservative

9.     The skins of baked potatoes yams or sweet potatoes

10.  Carbonated beverages with a meal

11.  Soy and soy products (organic and non-GMO soy is okay)

12.  Corn (organic and non-GMO corn is okay)


I talked about these foods extensively in my first book. It is available here.

All things being equal, you need to stop eating these foods immediately. If you do not do this your progress will be impeded. If you and I were in a boat on a lake and the boat was leaking, if I was in the back of the boat bailing it out, and you were in the front of the boat drilling holes into the hull – we would sink! It's a similar concept here. You muststop eating foods which are hurting the body if you are attempting to cure the body. In my experience it takes about 21 days to get comfortable with the elimination of the 12 bad foods. There are resources on Facebook that you can use to help you figure out what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (“Eiffel-Health” is my favorite). It is not difficult at all. Within a few weeks you should be an expert on how to avoid the 12 Bad Foods and eat like a King or Queen.

Because I recommend a lifelong prohibition of these foods, invariably there will be times when you will fall off of the wagon and cheat. Please pay attention to how your body feels within 24 hours of falling off of this wagon and eating one or more of the “12 Bad Foods” again. As you get further and further away from consuming these foods on a regular basis, when you do (on the off occasion) consume them, undoubtedly you will feel something negative within 24 hours. If you pay attention to how the “12 Bad Foods” make you feel when you do eat them, then it will be easier for you not to want them anymore.


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