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Have a website? Make money by promoting Dr. Glidden’s Self-Help Health Recovery Subscription Service.

Once you purchase an Ambassador subscription at (this website), you are automatically enrolled into the WorldwebPass Affiliate program and have the ability to get paid by WorldwebPass to promote Dr. Glidden's subscription service. This commission arrangement is referred to as an β€œAffiliate” program. As an Affiliate, you will be paid 25% of the monthly subscription fee of anybody that you bring in as a subscriber – for every month that they remain a subscriber. There are 3 levels of subscriptions.



For each subscriber you are paid $7.73** per month for every month that they maintain their subscription.



For each subscriber you are paid $4.50** per month for every month that they maintain their subscription.


For each subscriber you are paid $2.67** per month for every month that they maintain their subscription. 

*In order for you to get paid, you must have an active subscription. If your own your subscription fails to renew, then you lose all of your Affiliate income.
**commissions may vary slightly depending on WorldwebPass fees

How it works


When someone visits your website* and then goes to the through a banner link, redirect, or script – that visitor now belongs to the you, the Affiliate, for 7 days. If anytime inside of that 7-day window your visitor becomes a subscriber to Dr. Glidden's Self-Help Health Recovery Program, then YOU automatically get the Affiliate commission! 

*You MUST have a website in order to track your Affiliate subscribers.

All Commissions are held in escrow for 90 days from the point of purchase before it can be released for Payout. Affiliates may withdraw the Commissions collected from subscriptions as often as 90 days. Commission Payouts are mailed (by default payout method) as a United States Dollars Check and take 5-10 days depending on mail delivery.

Payout options and fees below:

  • PayPal: 2.9% PayPal fee of the transferred amount
  • Wire transfer: $15 USA domestic / $20 international
  • Cheque/Check: FREE USD only

Get Started in 3 easy steps


Follow these simple steps to start earning Affiliate commissions.

1. Purchase an Ambassador level subscription at

2. Email with your name and email address that you created your WorldWebPass Affiliate account with for verification.

3. Once your Affiliate status is verified, you will be notified via email and given instructions for how to add your banner link. Download a banner image below to add to your website.