a new podcast with Dr. Glidden and Mike Filip

In 1912, the MDs and the Robber-Barons of the 19th and early 20th centuries orchestrated a hostile takeover of medicine. They legislated themselves into first place, and kicked every other medical practitioner off of the bus of medicine. The subsequent lack of Health Freedom which followed in the wake of this medical-market takeover has created a self-regulating, self-policing monopolistic, Machiavellian medical monster that delivers ineffective and expensive Disease-Management, instead of effective and affordable Health Care. Under the tutelage of this Cartel we are going bankrupt, getting sicker, and living shorter lives. 

Interestingly enough, there is a way out of this medical mousetrap - but very few people are aware of it and/or talking about it openly. We are.

Let Dr. Glidden (3 decades of clinical experience as a licensed naturopathic doctor) and his outspoken Canadian colleague Mike-Filip (host of the syndicated radio show: AmeriCanuck Radio - on The Genesis Communications Network) help you to chart your course out of the danger-zone of modern medical mediocrity into the undiscovered country of Science-based, Clinically Verified, Licensed and Regulated Wholistic Medical Awesomeness.


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