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Atrial FibriLlation

I had recently left my position at the Hertz Corp at San Diego Airport; the stress of that position was killing me and I needed a change. I was 59 years old and I thought I had several good years left in me. A couple years later I would discover that I had serious circulatory problems, that I was on the verge of a major heart attack. My heart was skipping every other beat and my blood pressure was 160/110. I thought I was a dead man walking.

My research led me to discover the benefits of vitamin C therapy. I decided to try this therapy as I wanted nothing to do with my MD and his drugs and treatment. A few nights later I was doing research on my computer and suddenly I thought I felt funny. I got up and realized that the right side of my body was partially numb. Was I having a mini stroke? Two days later I was out on a long walk. I turned to look around as I thought I heard a train coming. As I did that turn I thought Oh! Oh! There aren’t any trains here and the numbness hit again. I was only a couple hundred yards from home and by the time I arrived the numbness was gone. A few days later the vitamin C arrived in powder form as I knew I needed more than pills had to offer. 

I began taking the vitamin immediately, one tablespoon of powder mixed with one tablespoon of baking soda per day. I learned to stay close to the bathroom. Within a couple of weeks my blood pressure was borderline high and my heart was skipping fewer beats. I thought I was on the road back to health but I had much more work to do than I realized. 

One day on U-tube I discovered Dr. Peter Glidden. I started watching his videos and soon realized that I had it all wrong, everything I thought I knew about a healthy diet was just bad propaganda. No wonder I was in so much trouble. Around this time and with the help of my MD I discovered I had what was called bladder diverticulum.

I was able to get on a live broadcast with Dr Glidden and ask about my bladder condition. He addressed my question articulately and he threw a whole new concept at me, the ten bad foods (now the twelve bad foods).

Since then I have been busy educating myself about health through Dr. Glidden and Dr. Joel Wallach. I immediately started the Youngevity program and my health and energy levels increased dramatically. I thought I was finally rebuilding my physical body and a pain free, healthy life was in front of me. I learned from Dr. Glidden that vitamin C chelates copper. My hair had turned completely white. Colloidal copper has been added and my white hair is slowly turning brown.

 About a year ago, maybe a little longer, I noticed my neck was really sore when I moved my head up and down. I ignored treating the pain but did pay some attention to this. The soreness in my neck moved on to my right shoulder which also became extremely sore. As with my neck I left it alone thinking with all the nutrition and eliminating the 12 bad foods all should heal. And then the real pain hit, nerve pain in my right shoulder/neck area. Pain pills did not touch this and I headed for the chiropractor. He helped a little, but I was still uncomfortable. I ordered Gluco-Gel Plus and added it to my Youngevity program. I also began using bone broth that I had around but never incorporated into my diet. That was about four weeks ago. As I type this I am pain free. I can move my head around with more freedom than I can remember…no pain at all.

I am of course very pleased with this recent development. I have a high pain threshold, but the nerve pain was way over the top. My bladder is not completely healed but there are changes in the condition. It seems much softer and after relieving myself the bulge in my abdomen disappears. I am hoping for a complete healing someday. My blood pressure is 110/60 and my resting pulse is 57 with no skipped beats.

In closing I must write that I am very pleased to have discovered Youngevity and Doctors Wallach and Glidden. Every time I listen to Dr. Glidden I learn something about health, a fascinating topic for me. I am now 65 years old, 66 in August. I have gone to some effort and expense to bring this old body back to life. Today I feel healthy and full of energy and at least at the moment, pain free.

- Gary Kainz