Currently there are approximately 400,000 soldiers afflicted and who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. The veterans administration has no idea what causes this and all they can do is throw antipsychotic medication at these people…..And it’s nuts.

*Between 2005 and 2011, the rate of antipsychotic drug use in the U.S. military rose  1,100%—far  exceeding comparable rates in the civilian population. 

*Between 2005 and 2011, the rate of antipsychotic drug use in the U.S. military rose 1,100%—far exceeding comparable rates in the civilian population. 

These people have given their lives for their country and have put their life in harms way. They are suffering as a result of performing their duty. If this does not make you ticked off….your simply not paying attention!

We know what causes post traumatic stress disorder. We have a pretty good idea of how to fix it. Heres the deal. Your body need 90 essential nutrients in order to function properly. In order for it to work the way God intended it to. It’s like a tank that needs to be topped off.

Most people don’t even have half the nutrients that the body requires. Adding insult to injury, you add 75 pounds of gear on your back, dress in long sleeves pants and a flack jacket.  As well, your carrying a weapon or two, and your in the desert! 

Whats going to happen? Your going to sweat bullets!

What do you sweat? Yes your sweating out sodium and chloride….Well guess what? Your sweating all 90 essential nutrients. The more you sweat the more nutritionally deficient you become, then you put yourself into a high stress situation and your body collapses at your weakest point. An interesting statistic would be to see how many prescription medications some of these soldiers are already taking while they are deployed. How many they are taking just to make it through the day.

There is nothing wrong with a drug, it’s how it’s used. There is nothing wrong with a gun, it’s how it’s used. The more prescription medications you are on the more you are deplete of essential nutrients. Then you have people firing bullets at you….And your central nervous system cracks open like a raw egg!

Making matters worse you seek advice from the allopathic trained MD who has no idea or understanding what so ever of medical nutrition and they throw drug after drug at you because they think you are a biochemical bag waiting to break that does not have the ability to fix itself.

Want to know how to fix this?

Listen in to the Dr. Glidden Show as he dials in how to recover from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using science based clinically verified medical nutrition.

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