The Medical Myth

Every body is sick… Why? It’s not because you have a bad gene. It’s because you have a bad doctor…Your medical doctor is not sadistic. Your medical doctor is trained in an outdated old fashioned philosophy of medicine which is inconsistent with reality.

Medical doctors will tell you that your health problems could not be their fault. They deflect the blame…they tell you it must be you, your genetic disposition.

Interesting…..Most doctors believe in Darwin’s theory, survival of the fittest. Didn’t he argue that the sickest in the herd would die out and strongest would survive. If that is the case, how is it that all these so called genetic diseases are getting worse and worse. It’s because when it comes to chronic disease a medical doctor has no clue.

MDs are good at trauma care…when they are not addicted to street drugs or prescription meds or alcohol. Research has shown that many MDs have substance abuse problems.

Trauma care is the wheel house of the MD…Thank God for the sterile technique, for the mattress suture Laparoscopic surgery. Awesome stuff, but not when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Since they are a self policing self regulating industry, no hands get slapped, no body goes to jail. We look the other way. Just like the Catholic church did with all the priests and little children.

We are deeply embedded into a myth sold to us by the pharmaceutical industry that medical doctors are the Sine qua non, the Alpha and the Omega, the epitome of all things medical. This socialization goes so deep and so thick that when our MD fails us or harms us or when they bankrupt us or even kills us…… We give them a pass! 

And we still consider naturopathic, chiropractic, homeopathic physicians as Quacks! Give me a break!

The last person you should see if you are suffering with a chronic health condition is a medical doctor. The first thing you should do is start listening to physicians trained in medical nutrition and wholistic medicine.

I am your steadfast advocate for health. Live long and prosper!

Dr. Glidden, your steadfast advocate