Got Acne?

50 million Americans suffer from Acne. 95% of people experience acne at some point in their lives. Acne breakouts peak at age 14-17 in women and from ages 16-19 in men. 50% of adult women suffer from acne which increases during pregnancy. 25% of adult men suffer from acne. In the USA, 1.4 Billion a year is spent on acne products and 100% of these people are attempting to fix from the outside in. Well almost 100%. Dermatologists will tell you its caused by bacteria in the skin and we need to kill the bacteria!

We need to kill kill kill I tell you…..This is the mantra of oppositionally defiant MD directed reductionistic pharmaceutical centred medicine.  Kill everything..

This is quite a backwards notion quite frankly.  

Everyone is overlooking the obvious. It’s like the MDs are looking at everything through a filter, a rose coloured lens, a filter on their glasses that they have forgotten that it’s there. A filter to which they observe nature through of which they observe physiological phenomena which colours their perception which colours their treatments and yet they are blind to the fact that the filter is there.

Antibiotics antivirals anti inflammatories antacids anti pain medications anti hypertensives….kill kill kill. This is an old fashioned out dated juvenile dangerous and expensive point of view. 

The correct point of view is one delivered by wholistic physicians. Wholism argues that the body has a god given built in ability to fix itself. When things go wrong in the body rather than suppress the symptoms it would be prudent get to the root cause of the illness rather than giving man made pharmaceutical drugs sold to you at a massive profit.

Remember it’s not the drug, it’s how it’s used. It’s not the gun, it’s how it’s used.

What do wholistic physicians argue as the causative factor for acne? It’s sugar. Well it’s a sugar back up, or the body not being able to metabolize the sugar properly. Sugar is not the antichrist here, in fact your DNA is made from sugar. It’s also the gasoline for the body you could not blink an eyelash without sugar in the blood. It is necessary.

When your body runs out of the raw ingredients that help metabolize sugar appropriately, sugar ends up in the blood. It’s that simple. You could argue that in North America we eat to much sugar and that would be correct. But even if you are consuming to much sugar the body can process it effectively if you have all the nutrients necessary to do so. Your body need minerals to process sugar properly.

Basically this is how it goes. You consume something with sugar, the body then senses sugar in the blood to which the pancreas releases insulin which floats through the blood and binds to insulin receptors on every cell on the body. It then sends a signal through the middle of the cell to open up a door to let the sugar in. In order for that signal to propagate to the middle of the cell minerals need to be present. That’s right….Minerals!

If the minerals are not present, the message does not go through so the sugar door remains closed and sugar piles up in the blood. It’s like a 5 lane hi-way going down to one lane which then becomes a bottle neck. Then the body produces excessive amounts of insulin, which breeds bacteria which lives in the body and the skin and when to much sugar is available to therm because of this traffic jam, the bacteria breeds and feeds and this is what produces acne. What does the MD do, they prescribe an antibiotic. The MDs don’t think this through, they just want to kill it. It’s all they do, kill it remove it…..You don’t need the gall bladder you don't need the tonsils you don’t need the appendix and on and on! 

For goodness sakes, then best thing someone can do is fire their medical doctor…Unless your bleeding to death, suffer from some type of a trauma or suffering from some type of infections that other modalities were not able to fix, then you go to the MD. But for everything else. Stay away.

Live long and prosper.

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