Sick of Feeling Sick?

If your sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, if you’ve had it, if your at the end of your rope, even if your half way down the end of your rope. If your all the way at your bitter end and you are tired of seeing your children get sick and suffer, your parents get sick and suffer your brothers and sisters get sick and suffer, you get sick and suffer and all the while at the same time you are paying medical insurance premiums through the nose every month, which gives you access to substandard medical treatment for chronic disease...keep reading.

While we have let the MDs run the show and kick everybody else off the bus of medicine. While we have let them proclaim themselves the undisputed kings of the realm, and declare everybody else a back of the bus alternative quacks. While we have let the MDs run the show….Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, Obesity and many other diseases are skyrocketing, and life expectancy is getting shorter. (Learn More)

Guess what? The best place to hide something is in plain site. Your medical doctor might be the nicest person God ever created, but he does not know what is best for you. He only knows what he has been trained in which is one small piece of the pie of medical science. It’s referred to as Allopathic reductionism.

You have been socialized to believe that the medical doctor practices medicine. They do not. Nobody practices medicine. Medicine is a vast domain. There is many types of medicine. Just as there are many different types of dogs. If you were to take a Chihuahua duck hunting your going to come back empty handed, it’s the wrong dog for the hunt. 

The type of medicine that your MD practices is good for surgery when it’s indicated, trauma care and a handful of infectious diseases. That’s their wheel house. Like the fella said...

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!

So you go to see the surgeon, nine times out of ten he’s going to recommend the surgery or they will just wait, until the problem is bad enough, and then they will cut it out. But nothing gets done about how to fix it or get to the root of the problem. This is one of the most ironic things in the 21st century. The people that we have given total utter control of the delivery of medicine are not trained on how to cure disease.

Look, it’s time to call a spade a spade. The only one who practices quack medicine have MD after their name. The leading cause of death in the USA is MD directed pharmaceutical treatments. (Watch this video)

What is the solution? Start to take nutritional supplements which are promoted by licensed naturopathic doctors. Preventively help your body by giving it the 90 essential nutrients that you must swallow everyday in order to support and promote it’s structure and function. 

A little education here goes a long way and this is what we preach and this is what we teach.

Live long and prosper!

Dr. G

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