MD's: Lost Cause for a Cure

Inquiring minds want to know what is going on with a medical profession. It exists with exclusivity, in order to keep all other modalities of the playing field in order to dominate, subjugate and control.

The MDs own the exclusive domain of medicine. They have even co-opted the name. MDs do not exclusively own the name of medicine. They are trained in one sub set in the practice of medicine, but they have told you that they are the undisputed kings of that realm and every one else practices substandard alternative training. Inquiring minds want to know...

Why do they not know how to cure anything?

This is the billion pound gorilla sitting in the middle of planet earth that nobody is talking about. Your medical doctor might be the nicest person that God has ever created however, he is trained in a methodology or a philosophy of healing that does not attempt to cure anything. They can’t cure heartburn…What’s up with that! They can manage it with a little purple pill. (Proton pump inhibitor) 

They certainly cannot cure arthritis, but they can manage it with anti inflammatory, pain meds and surgery. Even though studies have shown joint surgeries do not work. Medical doctors continue to perform them.

Of the thousands of prescription medications that are available right now, the only ones that cure anything is an anti biotic. But because of the indiscriminate use of these drugs they are ushering in an entire new category of antibiotic resistant disease and infections which are killing around 25,000 people a year and harming around 2 million in the USA.


Why are we comfortable as a society giving the reigns to a medical profession that is not concerned with curing anything at all? Especially when your medical doctor is trained in a philosophy of medicine that does not admit cure even for heartburn….How effective do you think they are going to be at curing cancer?

Close to a trillion dollars has been spent on cancer research, and we are no closer to a cure that we were in the 1960’s. Why? Because we have taken the wrong dog to the hunt.

Now something interesting is happening. Andrew Weil The MD for integrative health is putting forth a training program for MDs who are frustrated with the lack of effectiveness with their treatments

This is nonsense. This is tantamount to a Buddhist teaching a catechism at Sunday school for Roman catholics. Would you ever see this? No, but this is exactly what is happening within the medical profession. MDs attempting to use vitamins and minerals in healing. The problem is they are using it in an allopathic reductionistic model, and because of this it will fail.

Ladies and gentleman fire your medical doctor now and learn about science based clinically verified medical nutrition in order to support the structure and function to optimize your health.

Live long and prosper!

Dr. G