The Night My Head Exploded

So last night I was watching television and it was an interesting experience. There were lots and lots of commercials and usually I cruise right through them especially if we have recorded a program. Well last night we were kicking back after a long day and for some reason I watched one of the drug commercials, made my head explode. For a number of reasons.

The first reason...the side effects that were listed that they were talking about live on the air. Death, this drug could lead to death, in some instances this drug has led to death. They talk about it in such a way, well you know… "That’s just life and that’s just the way that it is." But the over riding thought from what was being projected through the TV or through the airwaves was this is just the way that it is! Side effects were normal and even if it’s death….Oh well. 

You do not have any other choice it’s this way or the hi-way, just shut up and take your medicine!

This made me pause and reflect. This was just one commercial. Hundreds of these run everyday. Now remember our position.

It’s not the drug, it’s how it’s used. It’s not the gun, it’s how it’s used. 

A drug can be used appropriately but for goodness sakes the leading cause of death in the USA is MD directed pharmaceutical medicine.Why? Because the MDs operate through a failed old outdated methodology called allopathic reductionism.

One of the components of this is medical doctors do not believe that the human body has the ability to fix itself and once it’s broken your screwed and the only way to fix it is to manage the symptoms with a pharmaceutical drug. It is your doctors job to outwit and out smart nature because they do not appreciate the natural healing processes which resides inside the body. They have no respect for them what so ever.

So everything the MD does is to over power and over control the automatic natural built in inherent God given healing process inside the body. When you do this even if it is well intentioned, you are throwing into a very complex metabolic soup, a man made substance which must by definition generate side effects. Medical doctors are not attempting to help the body heal itself. They are attempting to usurp it, to control it to override it because they think they are smarter than God, smarter than nature and that is why there therapeutics are loaded with side effects, even death.

Ladies and gentleman it’s time to snap out of this social myth and come into to the light of wholistic naturopathic medical nutrition.there is a better way!

Live long and prosper!

Dr. G

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