According the the World Heart Federation, heart disease claims 8.6 million women lives a year a third of women worldwide. Nobody asks what’s going on. Nobody asks why are conventionally trained medal doctors so unbelievably incompetent at what they do. 

How is it possible for heart disease to remain the 3rd leading cause of death. After……. 20 billion dollars a year of statin drugs, low fat diets and exercise. How is it possible for this situation to exist in the modern world?  Well I am here to tell you, it’s because of the monopoly of the medical market. As I said, heart disease kills one third of women worldwide.

So when you combine this with cancer, tuberculosis, HIV-AIDS, malaria and you add all those together, it doesn’t even come close to the number of women dying from heart disease. 

And what do we do, we make another medical insurance premium. Write another check every month to our medical insurance provider so that we can have access to the system of medicine under whose tutelage and care and protection, a third of women worldwide die from heart disease.... You’ve got to be kidding me.  

Meanwhile, acupuncturists, naturopaths and homeopaths have remarkable success with heart disease, of all ilk’s and yet we don’t get a public forum. A a matter of fact, naturopathic medicine is despised and it’s currently only available legally in 18 states (in the United States of America). I guess the laws of anatomy and physiology change when you cross state lines. 

So because of the lack of a free medical market. It is possible for an inferior system, allopathic M.D. pharmaceutical system to persist, and that is what’s happening here. 

This cultural myth of the superiority of the M.D. over every other type of medicine is so intense that even when a third of women worldwide die because of heart disease, whichother professions have relatively no problem helping people get on the other side of, nobody gets upset.  Nobody blinks an eyelash.  There’s no congressional hearings.  There are no rallies.  

Where’s the billion woman rally, the billion women march on Washington, D.C…….. Oh yeah, they’re marching for the cure for cancer.  Well how’s that working for you?  Not so well.  

We continue to give the profession that has let us down money, in order to come up with a miracle cure, because once upon a time in the 1920’s they did come up with a miracle cure, penicillin.  It was remarkable.  But then that methodology, the discovery of that substance put the MDs on the fast track in the wrong direction.  

Once they discovered that, they incorrectly assumed that there could be a miracle cure pill for everything. They were able to eliminate infections with penicillin, so why not eliminate heart disease with something else. Well,wrong.

And by the way how’s that penicillin thing working out for you?  Not so well anymore. Due to the enormous rise of antibiotic resistant bacterial infection. ladies and gentleman, it’s time to snap out of this, it’s time to attempt a cure.

Live long and prosper!