Looks, Smells, Flies like a duck, It's a Duck!

Looks, Smells, Flies like a duck, It's a Duck!

This Thursday for advocates only a webinar live webinar about  chronic fatigue. It is the single most common complaint that people go to a medical doctor for in the United States. Fatigue and lack of energy. The single most common reason people actually take time off work is chronic fatigue. And the information the medical doctor has for you regarding chronic fatigue is old-fashioned, outdated, irrelevant and inconsistent with the reality of the human experience.

If you like everybody else in the world is suffering from not enough energy let me tell you something.  It's rarely associated with adrenal fatigue, Epstein-Barr virus and it is rarely fixed by taking more coffee or green tea into your body.  You want to know the real reason behind chronic fatigue and what you can do right now in order to support and promote your body’s ability to have normal energy levels.  This Thursday evening 7 PM central time for Dr. Glidden advocates and their guests exclusively. 

 Why chronic diseases accelerating? 

It’s not because your medical doctor is a bad person.  It’s because your medical doctor has been trained in a therapeutic which doesn’t work, but they are unwilling to give up their training.  They are unwilling to admit defeat.  They are unwilling to admit that they can’t fix it.  They are unwilling to think that there might be, somewhere else on planet Earth, another type of medicine that has it more together than they do. They just cannot intellectually comprehend the notion that somebody besides them knows what’s best.  Their profession is arrogant by definition, their members are filled with hubris because they are a self-regulating self policing organization. They actually think that their way is the only way, and that everybody else is a back of the bus 'quack' even though under their direction chronic diseases accelerate.  

I was talking to a woman this weekend about what happened to her husband and he had a number of different bone surgeries (knee and joint surgeries) and they all failed. THEY ALL FAILED.  

You could go to 1000 Roman Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals, the Pope and not a single one of them would be able to tell you about reincarnation. Not a single one because it’s outside of their wheelhouse.  You could talk to 1000 Buddhists and they would not be able to tell you about the concept of postmortem liberation which is argued by Western religion, because it’s completely outside of their wheelhouse.  It’s completely outside of their conceptual reality.

It’s the same with medical doctors thinking that someone with an M.D. after their name is going to be able to give you any type of information regarding wholistic medicine is ridiculous. The only reason we think like this is because we have been culturally conditioned to believe that the MD is the king of the hill and everybody else is a quack.  

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It’s the opposite.  They are the quacks. The leading cause of death in the United States is MD directed medicine. Hey, if it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, flies like a duck, quacks like a duck IT'S A DUCK!  The only people practicing quack medicine in the 21st century have MD after their name.  

You are welcome to your own opinion but not welcome to your own set of facts.

Life is hard. The MDs can’t fix it. Come on board and let me show you the way. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Dr. Peter Glidden, your steadfast advocate for health.

Live long and prosper

Dr. Glidden