Obesity: A Growing Epidemic of Epic Proportion

Obesity: A Growing Epidemic of Epic Proportion

While you have been under the guidance and the tutelage of the MD and while you have been paying hundreds of dollars in medical premiums to insurance companies every month...

What has been the result of your situation?

78.6 million people in the United States, a third of the adult population are obese. The estimated annual medical costs of obesity in the United states was $147 Billion in 2008 and it’s rising. 

If someone is spending money, someone is making money. You never hear the statistics…

"Well the medical profession made $147 Billion dollars this year of the backs of the people who are obese. We (MDs), have no idea what causes it, we have no idea how to cure it, we have no idea how to treat it, but we have made 147 billion dollars managing it….Aren’t we great."

And that is just adults. Prevalence of childhood obesity from 2011-2012 according to the CDC is 17% in kids 2-19 years of age. That's 12.7 million kids. Obesity amongst children has tripled in the last thirty years. But apparently we are all ok with this. 


They are even making television shows about this. It’s the new normal.  The show Mike and Molly are lionizing obesity. Why? Because the MDs are clueless as to the operative cause of it and they have no idea what to do to fix it.

Obesity – It Is Everywhere All the Time Now.  One Third of Adults, One Third of Children Are Afflicted with Obesity.  The Medical Doctors Have Absolutely No Idea of What Causes It, nor How to Cure It.  Their Solution: cut the stomach out wrap a belt around the stomach give appetite suppressing meds.  Brilliant! 

These strategies of course, completely miss the root cause of the illness - nutrient deficiencies.  You do not gain weight because you are lazy.  You do not gain weight because you are depressed.  You do not gain weight because you have a bad gene.  

You gain weight because you have a bad doctor. Obesity is a nutrient deficiency disease.  When your body is deficient in the essential nutrients that it needs to maintain its structure and function, mother nature calls on you to eat more – in the desperate attempt to fill the bodies nutritional tank but the food that you are eating is nutritionally depleted.  So you eat and you eat and you eat and you eat and you are still hungry because the food that you are eating does not contain the nutrients that your body needs.

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Live Long and prosper!

Dr. G