What Do You Hear...Horses or Zebras?

What Do You Hear...Horses or Zebras?

Your medical doctor is not trained in medicine. Your medical doctor is trained in allopathic medicine. I’m trained in naturopathic medicine. There are many different types of medicine, just like there are many different types of dog. Different dogs for different jobs. Likewise, different types of medicine for different conditions. 

Your medical doctor has been trained in allopathic medicine. A philosophical methodology, a philosophical orientation which is called reductionism and reductionism is an old-fashioned, curious philosophy of medicine.

It’s based on the physics of Sir Isaac Newton and it’s incomplete when you bring it to bear on the study of the human organism because the human organism is a holistic organism, body, mind and spirit. It’s a complex system of interrelated parts, which is fuelled by the spiritual presence inside the human body. The soul force which the MD's because of their reductionistic training do not believe exists.

Your medical doctor believes that consciousness itself is a function of biochemistry, that it can’t be measured. It doesn’t exist since nobody’s ever dissected the soul out of a human being. So the MD is looking at the human body through a glass darkly.  They are looking at the human body through a lens which is colored with prejudice that they don’t even know is there. And because of this a prior prejudice which exists in the mind of the MD, they draw incorrect conclusions. 

When a medical doctor looks at people who are obese and sees a higher incidence of heart disease, a higher incidence of blood pressure incidents, a higher incidence of type II diabetes, they get it wrong. Type II diabetes comes in second, obesity comes first. Heart disease comes second, obesity comes first. Arthritis come second, obesity comes first, etc. So if you want to avoid all these things you have to cut your stomach out because that’s the real cause of obesity. We don’t question their prognosis'.  We don't question their determinations.  We do not question their statements, and we should. We must! 

If you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras.
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Zebra is a slang medical term for a very unlikely diagnosis, when a common ailment is most likely the cause. So don't just assume what they do and think Zebra's! 

Don't get me wrong they, MD's aren't all bad. They got it right with a sterile technique, Novocain, penicillin.  They get it right with advances that have made surgery in the last 20 years remarkable.  If you have a bullet in your arm, heaven forbid, a broken leg with a bleeding artery, than the MD is exactly the right person for you. And yet, your medical doctor will tell you that certain chronic illnesses (heart disease, blood sugar issues, some bone and joint issues) are caused by obesity. They are not. They are caused by the same thing that causes obesity. 

Look at it this way. Obesity, heart disease, type II diabetes, high blood pressure issues... they are all different arms of the same octopus.  If you trace them back they all have one fundamental root cause. What? 

Simple….people eat to much. But why? From the naturopaths point of view this phenomena is caused as a result of a nutritional deficiency and in order to reverse obesity the human body must be nutrified. The body searches for nutrients in food.

The food we eat are empty calories with very small amounts of nutrition.

The food we eat are empty calories with very small amounts of nutrition.

However many of the foods that people eat are empty calories which have a very small amount of nutrition to support the body’s need. So begins a vicious cycle.

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Live long and prosper

Dr. G