Statin Drugs...Savior or Satan?

What is the coenzyme Q10? Well, it's production in our bodies supports the...

  • body's immune and
  • nervous system
  • heart
  • other massive muscle health
  • normal blood pressure and much more.

What do Statin drugs do? 

I'm so glad you asked. They ...

  • weaken the immune system making it difficult to fight off bacterial infections
  • unable to concentrate or
  • remember words and are
  • linked to cognitive decline
  • effect central nervous system conditions including Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • inhibit the beneficial effects of essential omega-3 fatty acids by promoting the metabolism of omega six fatty acids, which increases insulin resistance and the risk of developing diabetes.
  • evidence that statin use blocks the benefits of exercise.

Statins work by reducing the body’s ability to produce cholesterol which is essential to brain health. Statin uses have a higher incidence of nerve degeneration in pain and memory loss, confusion, and depression and a higher risk of ALS and Parkinson’s.  According to Dr. David Williams in his July 2014 Alternatives newsletter, statins also decrease carotenoid levels, which are found in fresh fruits and vegetables and act as antioxidants. Statin drugs may be driving Americans to over eat says a 12 year study published in JAMA. It found that statin use increased the calorie intake by 9% and fat consumption by 14%.  An animal study linked statin use to muscle damage increase the risk of prostate and breast cancer, aging and lower sex drive. 

While statin drugs have been all the rage heart disease remains the number two killer of people in the United States. 610,000 people year die from heart disease, but I thought heart disease was supposed to be prevented by fat-free diets, exercising and statin drugs.  Well, apparently not.

 We’ve been taking statin drugs to the tune of $20-$29 billion a year.  

$20-$29 billion a year!!!

Remember years ago they had to bleed people in order to 'cure' disease. The Lancet was the medical doctor’s treatment of choice, bleed a couple of quarts of blood out of the body. Then they told us that they had to purge the body of the evil humors, not only by bloodletting but by taking large doses of Mercury and Calcium. Everybody went along for the ride and millions of people died. Every 10 years they roll out another ridiculous notion.

This cholesterol notion is perhaps the latest one.  There are a number of ridiculous notions that the MDs are responsible for and even though they fail us, even though under their 'guidance and care', even while we have given ourselves over to their care...don’t want to say care because it’s not really the right word.  Even though we have given them complete and total control of the medical marketplace, even though we have let the FDA protect the pharmaceutical industry instead of citizens in the United States, they have completely utterly and totally let us down and nobody calls them on it.  It is the only profession that I’m aware of that can

consistently screw up

consistently screw up

CONSISTENTLY SCREW UP and they still have a job.  

Inquiring minds want to know who made the MDs King, who says that the MDs way is the only way,  who says that the only thing that can cure diseases is a drug?

I would not want to be you in the afterlife because there is karma and what goes around comes around. Ladies and gentlemen, stop giving money to the medical industry which is the leading cause of death, leading cause of bankruptcy and under whose tutelage and care we are suffering and suffering and suffering.  

Stop it! Educate yourself.  Alternatively, in naturopathic therapeutics.  If you’re smart enough to pass the drivers license test, you’re smart enough to know how to support your body’s built-in God-given ability to fix itself.

Live long and prosper

Dr. Glidden