The MD Emperor Has No Clothes: Part 1

It is the physicians sacred duty to restore the patient to health.  Now if you are a physician and you have no active understanding of what health is, how do you think your therapeutics are going to do.  Not very well and this is the situation we find ourselves in here in the beginning of the 21st century.  The MDs, backed by the pharmaceutical industry, the hospital industry, the insurance industry, do not know the first thing about healing and all of their therapeutics are based upon a methodology and an understanding of the human body, which is inconsistent with reality.  Your medical doctors are like color blind artist who don't know that they’re color blind.

The only reason that these people still are able to be employed is because they exist inside of a monopoly.  They are a self-policing self-regulating institution unto themselves.  They have gone out of their way, OUT OF THEIR WAY, to keep every other medical practitioner off of the playing field.  

All those chiropractors, those naturopaths, those homeopaths, those herbalists, those acupuncturists, those Ayurvedic practitioners , don’t let them be licensed.  Don’t let them be covered by insurance.  What are they doing practicing the "oldest" system of medicine on planet Earth!?  We can’t let those guys practice at the hospital. - MD's

Give me a break! I graduated from a fully accredited pre-med university.  The University of Massachusetts before that I matriculated at Williams College. At Bastyr University of naturopathic medicine, fully accredited by the United States department of education, graduated with a degree in naturopathic medicine. Pasted national boards, pasted state boards, secured a license to practice naturopathic medicine in the great state of Washington. Have been practicing naturopathic medicine in clinical settings for over a quarter of a century now.

And yet I am disallowed from practicing medicine in the majority of the United States (in 34 states in the United States) which is a crying shame.  Does this mean that somehow the laws of medicine, the laws of science, the laws of nature, the laws of physics, the laws of biochemistry, the laws of physiology, and the laws of anatomy change when you cross state lines? 

If you have a drivers license in Washington state that doesn’t get you a drivers license in Georgia. You have to pass a test right! They don’t just automatically give you a license.

But the rules don't apply to MD's. They automatically gain entrance into different academic institutions all around the United States because of the United States Department of Education’s accreditation process.  Apparently the United States Department of Education, their rules, their accreditation process is great when it comes to MD education. But it’s always suspect when it comes to naturopathic education. It shouldn't be! There is no academic reason, no intellectual reason, no reason whatsoever that naturopathic medicine should not be allowed to be practiced in all 50 states. In any country around the world!

The only reason that it is not allowed is because of politics.  The lobby of the pharmaceutical industry and the American Medical Association do not want the competition.  I wrote about this in my book The MD Emperor Has No Clothes

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog.

-Live long & prosper-

Dr. Glidden