Drug Overdoses on Pain Meds...But What's Really the Problem

Dr. Peter Glidden, ND

Dr. Peter Glidden, ND

I'm Dr. Glidden and this is where enlightened people come for real answers to real health concerns!  I’m a licensed naturopathic physician.  I have 27 years of clinical experience helping people to recover their health – especially people who have been let down, let down hard, by conventional medical doctors.  Over 90% of the patients that have come to see me over the last quarter of a century have already been to conventional medical doctors.  They schedule an appointment to see me because they have been mislead and disappointed by conventional medical doctors and they are looking for a second opinion delivered by a licensed physician – an opinion which is science based and clinically verified. 

Which begs the question: if the naturopathic doctors are effective, and the MDs are ineffective, why are the MDs kings of the hill?  The simple answer is because they legislated and bullied themselves into first place.  They actively and aggressively keep everybody else out of the medical market.  We don’t have a free medical market.  We haven’t had a free medical market since the early 1900s.  The MDs go out of their way to suppress every other system of medicine.  Meanwhile, their therapeutics fail are the treatments leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of bankruptcy.

In The News...

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This just in from BBC news -  “Drug overdose deaths in the US reach record levels!  More than 47,000 from drug overdoses in 2014, the most ever recorded in one year.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report on Friday that showed that the overdose deaths jumped 7% from one year earlier.  The spike in deaths coincided with a rapid rise in the abuse of opioid base prescription painkillers such as OxyContin and hydrocodone.  The CDC also said that 61% of the deaths involve some type of opioid including heroin.  Many abusers of painkillers shift to using heroin as it becomes harder to obtain the prescription medications.” 

Now hold on, HOLD ON, HOLD ON! - the report said: “abusers of painkillers” – right?  Well, okay, let’s think it through: Why do people abuse painkillers?  Do they overuse them because they are bad and immoral people?  Do they abuse them because they have weak wills?  No!  This happens because they’re in pain.  Why are they in pain?  God only knows what started the pain, but they continue to be in pain because the MD’s therapeutics have failed them.  The MDs are not concerned with getting to the root cause of what causes illness nor pain.  They’re only concerned with medicating symptoms, sweeping symptoms under the rug.  This is their MO.  When you don’t get to the root cause of why the person has arthritic pain, or chronic fibromyalgia, why somebody is in pain the pain persists.  So the MD prescribed a painkiller and then another painkiller and then another painkiller, and then the patient becomes addicted to the painkiller.  Then the MD starts getting nervous says, "Oh no, no, you’re abusing the meds!"  So the MD stops writing the script for the pain meds, and they leave the patient hanging in the wind.  They don’t care about the patient.  Now the patient has got to go somewhere for pain relief, because remember, they are still in pain.  So they get the stuff wherever they can.  Are they doing this because they’re bad people?  Are they doing this because they have weak wills?  No!  They are doing this because the MDs have failed them.

Fair vs. Justice...or Neither

When we read articles like this.  It’s never the MDs feet that are held to the fire.  We just don’t think it through – for goodness sakes think about it....

47,000 Americans died in 2014 because of MDs directed medicine, and we did nothing.

3,000 people died in the twin towers we went to war for years in another country.

MD's blame you for their own failures.

MD's blame you for their own failures.

Does this seem just or fair to you? 47,000 Americans die because the MDs are incompetent – and we do nothing.  Well – that’s not exactly true.  We do something.  We write another check for our medical insurance which supports the industry that led us down in the first place.  This must be what it was like during Nero’s reign, during Caligula’s reign in the Roman Empire.  It’s out of control.  Even when we see headlines like this do we think to ourselves – “Wow - those MDs don’t know what they’re doing!” No - we blame the patient.  That’s the back ground meme here.  The meaning behind the message is that it is not the doctor’s fault, it is the patient’s fault!  Everybody is blind to the fact that the reason the person is in pain in the first place is because their doctor failed them.  Why don’t we just call a spade a spade?  It is because we have been culturally conditioned to genuflect at the altar of the MDs - we have deified the MDs.  We believe that they can do no wrong which allows them to do a lot of wrong without any consequences.  So the MDs kill us.  The MDs harm us.  The MDs fail us – and we give them a pass. We’ve given the MDs $1 trillion to come up with a cure for cancer and were no closer to a cure for cancer now than we were 50 years ago when the whole war on cancer thing started. 

Too Busy To Be Healthy? That Will Hurt You.

This is what happens when you are busy with your life.  This is what happens when the bank owns your house and your car, and you have to work a couple of jobs or maybe three just to get by.  Both parents have to work so the kids have to go to daycare – which costs more money!  Everybody is working so much just to make ends meet that they don’t have time to think all this medical stuff through.  So they just trust that the people in the white coats at the hospital know what’s best for them.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make, because, in point of fact, the MDs do not know what’s best for us.  Quite the contrary is true, as a matter of fact if you do go to see them the chances are that they’re going to hurt you – either directly or indirectly.  So they give you a pain medication without taking care of the root cause of the pain and then you get addicted to the pain med and they stop writing prescriptions.  Then they hang you out to dry.  They sleep quite soundly at night (thank you Lunesta) but what happens to you?  You rise in pain in the middle of the night and then you start to think that maybe it is your fault.  You start to think that maybe you do have a week will or that maybe you are a bad person.  You just haven’t thought it through.  You trusted that the MDs could fix it.  They couldn’t and they let you down hard, and interestingly enough, you’re probably gonna write another medical insurance premium check to give you access to the same people that got you addicted in the first place!

Take Home Message...

This is what it’s like in the upside down, inside out, Alice through the looking glass world of conventional 21st century medicine.  Ladies and gentlemen, your medical doctor may be the nicest person that God ever created, but they are not the smartest person that God ever created. They are not humanistic because if they were humanistic, they would put a stop to this.  But they do not. They are not to be trusted.  The best possible thing that you can do for your health is to fire your MD now and educate yourself about the unheralded benefits of science-based clinically verified medical nutrition.  Stay tuned!

-Live long and prosper-

Dr. Glidden