The MD Emperor Has No Clothes: Part 2


Remember the Hans Christian Anderson fable, The Emperor’s New Clothes? Shysters came to the kingdom and they told the king that they had magic thread that only the most noble people could see and the king believed that he could see it because if he didn’t see it, he would admit that he was not a noble person.  They were shysters.  They were pulling a fast one on the king and they made the king a brand-new set of clothes. Royal robes made out of this magic thread that only the most noble people could see. So  the King is walking down the road in his procession to show off his new clothes, except he’s butt naked and everybody in the crowd is saying, "Oh what fabulous clothes.  Those are the most remarkable clothes I’ve never seen. So marvellous!" 

Nobody wanted to admit that they also were not noble. But then there’s a little child that peeks out from beneath his mother’s curtains and rushes through the crowd.  Reality rushes through the crowd.  Cognitive dissonance disappears, and all of a sudden the king’s nakedness is exposed.

That is exactly the way that it is right now.  That’s why I titled my book The MD Emperor Has No Clothes. The medical doctor who is the king of the hill delivers therapeutics which do not work. They don’t work.  This is why our health is going to hell in a hand basket because the people that monopolize the medical marketplace deliver medical therapeutics that don’t work. And they don’t let anybody else play or into the game.  They have kept everybody else out because somebody somewhere in power knows that if by some 'genie in the bottle' magic we all woke up tomorrow and there was an equal free medical market of medicine, the medical doctors would be out of a job! 

People would go to what works if we had a free medical market and if your insurance paid for it. Naturopathic medicine.  Homeopathic medicine.  Herbal medicine. Chiropractic medicine.

Wholistic medicine works!

Reductionistic MD directed allopathic medicine does not work (not for chronic disease). They are good at surgery when it’s necessary. Trauma care.  That’s what they are trained for. When I’m Surgeon General of the United States ;-)  it is going to be illegal for a medical doctor to do anything but surgery and trauma care. Everything else they suck at. But because it’s a medical monopoly and because it snuck up on us over hundred years ago, we just think it’s normal.

There is a solution - fire your medical doctor now and tune in and turn on to the wonders of wholistic medicine right here. 

James Watson

James Watson

All chronic diseases have gotten worse.  Life expectancy has gotten shorter.  Infertility has run rampant, autism crazy, type II diabetes getting worse, arthritis getting worse. The MDs don't take any responsibility for this, instead blaming it on a bad gene. They say it’s genetic even though about a year and a half ago, one of the guys that discovered the structure of DNA, James Watson was quoted at big conference of geneticists around the world. He gets up in front of his colleagues and says...

You can sequence all of the genes in every human being from now until eternity and you will not get any closer to coming up with a cure for any health condition because it is not genetic, it is epigenetic. It is bio chemistry, and bio chemistry affects the way that the genes manifest themselves.
— James Watson

 Then what happens the next day in the newspaper?  They dig up something that he did years ago when he was a professor and they called him on racist rights.  This is what happens! You can’t argue against the status quo or rock the boat with billions of dollars at stake.  

You don’t need to know a damn thing about biochemistry or genetics, anatomy and physiology. You don’t even need to know how to do rudimentary elementary math.  All you need is common sense.  Ask yourself this:

  1. How are you doing while you have been under the care of the medical doctor? 
  2. How is that going for you?
  3. How’s it going for your family?
  4. How’s it going for your kids?
  5. How’s it going for your parents?
  6. Is everybody happy and healthy?

No, everybody’s sick all of the time.  You just need common sense to pick yourselves up, take your head out of the sand look around. This is the new deal.  This is it, right here right now. This is the beginning of REAL healthcare and one of the greatest ironies is that there are very few naturopathic doctor that get this.  That’s another story for another time.  

All you need to be concerned about is how do you feel and what what works.  

  • You have high blood pressure.  
  • You can’t sleep through the night.
  • You have arthritis.
  • You have high blood pressure.

You have something going on and you have done it the MDs way for 5 years, 10 years + and it doesn’t get any better.  You’re getting worse and worse and worse.  Don’t you think it’s time to try something else time for change.  Well, the only reason my profession exists in a hostile political climate is because the majority of the time therapeutics that we recommend work.  So take a walk on the wise side, try good new fashion science based & clinically verified medical nutrition and see for yourself.

-Live long & prosper-

Dr. Glidden