Big Pharma Bullies and their Legislative Lapdogs

I was talking to a colleague of mine yesterday about a past patient of a colleague of his practicing medicine in Vermont where naturopathic medicine is licensed and regulated and where insurance will pay for naturopathic medical therapeutics.  How about that! There are a handful of states where insurance does in fact pay for naturopathic therapeutics.  So the physician gets a letter from the patient’s insurance company and the letter said, "We understand that your treating patient X, and patient X has type II diabetes and with type II diabetes the standard of care is Metformin and we want to know why you’re not prescribing Metformin." This from the insurance company! So the naturopathic doctor writes back, and I’m paraphrasing here, "The patient X has been under my care for X number of years and the blood sugar is being taken care of without Metformin. It’s what were doing what I’m doing is inside of my standard of care inside of naturopathic standard of care and so on.  Metformin was not necessary." A couple weeks go by and they get another letter. "We understand that you been treating patient X who has type II diabetes and you’re not using Metformin.  Please understand that Metformin is the standard of care here." Yada yada yada.  This went on and on and on.  They traded letters back and forth a number of times and then the patient gets a letter from their insurance company and the letter says,"We understand that you have type II diabetes and that you’re not taking Metformin and unless you do take Metformin your rates are going to raise."

Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are in cahoots, mandating the drugs that the patient must take or they jack up the rates. 

Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are in cahoots, mandating the drugs that the patient must take or they jack up the rates. 

Now you would not accept this type of behavior in any other industry.  But that’s was happening now and it's not just happening in Vermont. It’s happening all across the country where the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies are in cahoots and the insurance company now is mandating the drugs that the patient must take and if the patient doesn’t toe the line then the patient’s rates are going to get jacked up.

This should be illegal, but that’s what’s happening here in the not so free United States and you know this begs the question right from the start.  Why are the MDs the gatekeepers of medicine? Who gave them the power? Who gave them the control? 

I used to live in the state of Illinois. Illinois ordered me to cease and desist what I was doing in Illinois because I use the word Dr. on my website.  And according to the Illinois medical practice act in the state of Illinois, if you tell somebody to eat Cheerios to lower their cholesterol, which by the way I would never do, but if you did that and you were paid to do it and you were not licensed to do it then you are violating the Illinois medical practice act basically practicing medicine without a license.  But I digress. 

We have been attempting to get a naturopathic license to practice naturopathic medicine and regulate the practice of naturopathic medicine in Illinois for over 10 years and every time we come to the table, every time we meet our legislators, the Illinois Medical Association drags out their dog and pony show and says "Oh no no no, don’t license the naturopaths, don’t give those guys a license, even though they graduated from fully accredited medical schools in the United States, even though 18 other states in the United States license and regulate what they do, because of course they practice substandard bad medicine.  It’s unproven.  Yada yada yada baloney baloney baloney." And legislators, because the Illinois Medical Society donates money to their campaigns, bend over and do whatever they say.

Nobody blinks an eye.  This is because for the last 100 years we have become socialized to believe that the MDs own medicine and that everybody else is the back of the bus quack practicing substandard medicine. Irony of ironies, the exact opposite is true. 

md directed medicine leading cause of death in US

The leading cause of death in United States is MD directed medical therapeutics. 

The leading cause of bankruptcy is MD directed medical therapeutics.

We know most of the time the books have been cooked by the pharmaceutical industry. Let's look at rheumatoid arthritis. They’ll fund 100 studies. 80 studies show that the drug was ineffective or that it caused harm and 20 studies show that it had a positive benefit so they published the 20 studies, and they shelve the 80 study. And this is supposed to be scientific method.  It’s not!  The pharmaceutical industry does not care about a free medical market.  The pharmaceutical industry does not care about promoting health and well-being.  The pharmaceutical industry cares about selling drugs. Now remember, it’s not the drug it’s how it used (Thank God for Novocain). But the way the MDs are trained to use drugs makes them the leading cause of death in the United States and this is a problem.

I pose the questions:

  • Who made the MD King?
  • Why does the Illinois medical board, which espouses allopathic medicine, get to say what’s real medicine and what’s not?
  • Who gave them the power to do that?
  • Who gave them the power to say that the naturopaths are no good, that the chiropractors are no good, that the homeopaths are no good, that everybody who competes with them is no good?
  • Who gave them the ability to do that?  Inquiring minds want to know!
Become a Dr. Glidden Advocate!

Become a Dr. Glidden Advocate!

If you’re waiting for legislation to be passed to make naturopathic medicine more accessible to you in the state in which you live that’s a fools errand.  I would encourage you right now to educate yourself right now, don’t wait for the legislators to do it. Become a Dr. Glidden Advocate and let me help you understand what to do to get into the game of healing.

~Live long and prosper~

Dr. G