Cancer Case Studies: Homeopathic Treatments Work!

Put your seat belts on.  Today I want to talk about metaphysics as it relates to the practice of medicine.  I’m reading today excerpts from a book the title of which is: A Homeopathic Approach To Cancerby Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan and Catherine Coulter. These are case studies about homeopathic treatment for many different types of cancer delivered by Dr. Ramakrishnan in his clinic in Bombay.  Here we go: 

glioma dr. peter glidden homeopathy

Case Study 1

Male child, eight years old, was brought in with a recurrence of the glioma of the parietal lobe stage III.  He was suffering from headaches and nausea.  In February 1997 of the glioma was operated on, followed by six months of chemotherapy.  The recent CT scan showed a recurrence of the glioma in the same place the boys parents decided to try homeopathy this time, so Dr. Ramakrishnan gives him treatment homeopathic treatment and after 12 weeks of treatment.  The CT scan showed that the tumor had not grown after the six months of the treatment.  The CT scan showed that the tumor had shrunk more than 50%, by the 12th month the CT scan results almost clear. 

skin cancer dr. glidden

Cast Study 2

Let’s take a look at the homeopathic treatment of skin cancer:  Female 29 years old, presented with a skin cancer on the left forearm diagnosed two years previously.  As squamous cell carcinoma stage II.  The predominant symptoms were pain and burning.  She also had an enlarged left axillary lymph node (it’s a lymph node in her left armpit).  The woman lived in the south of France, where she spent much time sunbathing various allopathic treatments had not helped by the eighth week of homeopathic treatment.  The pain and the burning decreased by the fifth month and by the 32nd week, the condition had completely cleared up.  Also the left axillary lymph node was no longer palpable by the 10th month, everything continued clear no further treatment necessary.

Astrocytoma Dr. Glidden homeopathy

Case Study 3

Male child, 10 years old, was brought in for homeopathic treatment with a recurrence of an Astrocytoma.  History: headaches and severe vomiting that were not responding sufficiently well to homeopathic treatment called for an MRI of the brain which showed a lesion in the frontal lobe.  This was immediately operated on and the postoperative histopathological report confirmed an astrocytoma stage to radiation therapy followed surgery and the boy was discharged is perfectly fit within a month.  His symptoms reappeared in the MRI showed a recurrence of the growth the parents turned to homeopathy for help.  (There are a few things I want to talk about here before I tell you what happened to this child.  First of all, the vast majority of the time, this is what happens with cancer patients.  They get conventional treatment.  The cancer goes away and then it comes back with a vengeance.  Does the conventional M.D. treatment get to the root cause of what generated the cancer?  The tumor is not the disease.  The tumor is the result of the disease.  The MD however does not think like that.  They only think about being oppositionally defiant: you have to kill the tumor, you have to eliminate the tumor, you have to irradiate the tumor, you have to dissolve the tumor.  They don’t consider what caused the tumor to occur in the first place.  Does the surgery eliminate the root cause of the tumor?  No.  Does chemotherapy eliminate the root cause of the tumor?  No.  Does the radiation treatment eliminate the root cause of the tumor?  The MD was delivering a therapeutic that they know would not work.  This is why they eliminated the word “cure”from their discussions about cancer treatment.  Now if you survive for five years after you’ve had cancer that’s considered success…) So this child’s with the astrocytoma was given a homeopathic treatment.  By the way, one month of homeopathic treatment costs in the United States, approximately $20.  That’s for the medicine itself.  Let’s get back to this child’s case.  On the eighth week the boy was totally symptom-free and the MRI showed the Legion to be smaller.  On the eighth month the MRI showed that everything was clear.  No more tumor.  For another year the young patient was kept on the homeopathic treatment after that he received periodic homeopathic treatment and today he is doing well. 

Homeopathic treatments work and are on the rise! Does that sound like quackery to you?!

Homeopathic treatments work and are on the rise! Does that sound like quackery to you?!

Dr. Ramakrishnan’s results with skin cancer - 45 cases treated, 28 successes.  That’s an 80% success rate.  This type of success with homeopathic medicine that the medical doctors tell you is quackery, that the medical doctors tell you does not work, that the medical doctors tell you is complete fabricated placebo effect!  The MDs do not understand the mechanism through which homeopathic medicine work, so they dismiss it completely.  Interestingly enough, another reason that they dismiss it is because they don’t want the competition.  If the homeopaths were allowed to practice medicine the medical doctors would be out of a job, because in a free medical market people gravitate towards the treatments that work.  MD directed medical treatments for chronic diseases, especially cancer do not work.  

metaphysical dr. peter glidden

Now, let's bring the conversation back around here to metaphysics.  Homeopathic medicine argues that the body is inhabited by a spiritual presence which is intelligent.  The life force in your body – that stuff which differentiates you from a corpse – is an intangible spiritual energy.  You can’t see it, you can’t measure it, but it is in fact real.  Whatever it is that brings light to the eyes is the manifestation of this spiritual force inside the body.  The homeopaths argue that this vital force is animating the body and is in fact running the entire show.  All of the millions of automatic metabolic processes inside of the body work by virtue of this intelligent spiritual vital force.  Furthermore, when you develop a physical illness, the homeopaths argue that it was preceded by a disturbance in the vital force – and that in order to fix the physical problem, you must support the vital force, you must attempt to fix the vital force.  You also must provide the physical body with the nutrients necessary to get the job done.  Acupuncture and Homeopathy both attempt to manipulate the vital force of the body to effect healing. 

The MDs believe that this is all a fiction, that the body does not have intelligence, that the body does not have the ability to fix itself, and that the only thing that can be done when somebody is suffering from an illness is to manage the symptoms of the illness with man-made synthetic drugs sold to the patient at a profit.  Furthermore, they will chastise every other medical professional who is not an MD. Rather than objectively and scientifically looking at results that the Homeopaths get, rather than objectively scientifically looking at the results that the naturopaths get rather than objectively and scientifically looking at the results of the acupuncturists get, they dismiss all of them preemptively.  "Oh, those Homeopaths, they are quacks!"  Well, the last time I looked, quack medicine was a medicine that was held out to you as a cure and then it failed – and it’s expensive.  Isn’t that the very definition of chemotherapy?  Inquiring minds want to know… I am your steadfast advocate for health.

~Live long & prosper~

Dr. Peter Glidden