Cancer, chemo, children and the cowards that treat them


Chemotherapy in the spotlight today.  New research shows childhood cancer survivors face an increased risk of heart damage after exposure to certain chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Previous research has linked cancer drugs known as anthracyclines to weakening of the heart muscle.  Research is also tied some radiation therapy to cardiac rhythm disorders and structural damage, and arteries and valves.  The current study not only reinforces these risks.  It also suggests that many childhood cancer survivors may encounter serious cardiac issues at a relatively young age when doctors may not routinely screen patients for heart disease.  This from Dr. Daniel Mulrooney of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital as reported by the website

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This is interesting don’t you think?  Because a rational person would look at something like this and think to themselves – “Son of a gun, they are using chemotherapy for cancer treatment even though chemotherapy has been proven to be ineffective in the treatment of cancer. They are using chemotherapy, and the side effects of chemotherapy are pretty serious.  It has a serious negative effect on the heart and the cardiovascular system in our kids – so why should we continue with the chemotherapy?  Why don’t we find another way because we know these treatments don’t work?” 

That’s how a rational person would think.  But your conventional medical doctor is not a rational person.  Now, in all fairness, there are a few types of childhood cancer that conventional medical treatment is effective for – a very, very small percentage.  In adult onset cancer chemotherapy is completely ineffective.  It doesn’t work.  And if you don’t believe me just do a little survey.  The next time you are at church, or work, or a coffee shop, ask everybody if they know somebody who’s had cancer and has been treated with chemotherapy to stand up.  Then ask all of those people who are standing to sit down if the chemotherapy patient died.  Next, ask the people left standing to please sit down if the person treated with chemotherapy started the treatment less than five years ago. The number of people left standing represents how effective chemotherapy is.  The published research shows that chemotherapy doesn’t work 97% of the time, and it produces unbelievable side effects.   Apparently we are all okay with this because nobody questions the legitimacy of these treatments nor the morality of the doctor that prescribed them.

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Cancer deaths increase every year despite billions of dollars of research.

The simple fact of the matter is that the tumor is not the disease.  It is the result of the disease.  So if you burn the tumor with radiation, if you dissolve the tumor with chemotherapy, if you cut the tumor out with surgery, it does nothing whatsoever to get to the underlying cause of what caused the tumor to be there in the first place.  So what happens?  The tumor comes back.  This is a problem!  You hear this all the time – “The cancer is in remission.”  Well - not for long – because it is going to come back.  This is why the American Cancer Society, years ago, stopped even considering the word “cure” when it came to cancer treatment.  Now they talk about five-year survival rates.  Isn’t that just great!  This is the new normal of medical mediocrity: you die from cancer or the cancer treatment within five years of starting it.  

Additionally, nobody talks about the negative effects on the quality of life that conventional cancer treatments generate.  Remember, the treatments don’t work and you die anyway.  But in the meantime you just have to suck it up and soldier on and fight the cancer.  You have to be a fighter.  You have to be okay with your hair falling out, you have to be okay with your teeth falling out, you have to be okay with having incontinence every time you sneeze, you have to be okay with your personality changing, you have to be okay with crying at the drop of a hat and getting angry for no reason whatsoever.  You have to be okay with not being able to complete a sentence.  You have to be okay with not being able to remember things – e.g chemo brain.  You have to be okay with all of these things.  You have to soldier on – and then you die!  

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The only reason that conventional cancer treatment continues to persist is because it is a gigantic moneymaker and the medical doctors that recommend it are intellectual cowards.  The oncologist knows that their treatments don’t work – and they prescribe them anyway.  It is the only arrow in their quiver so they’re going to shoot it and shoot it and shoot it and shoot it because what else can they do?  It’s the standard of care, and they’re going to be looked at sideways by their employers if they don’t do it, or they will lose their jobs if they don’t prescribe it.  Then they will have to do something else.  Think it through: you have just devoted 15 years of your life to medical education and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars learning to deliver substandard treatments.  Are you going to abandon that?  This is why chemotherapeutics persist – because your medical doctor is a coward.  

The consumer can’t compare the difference between the naturopathic treatment to the conventional medical doctor’s treatment.  Don’t even get me started about research because there is not an even playing field in medical research.  All of the research funding goes towards pharmaceutical research based on the reductionistic medical model.  Reductionistic research is not homeopathic research is not naturopathic research is not Ayurvedic research.  It’s not wholistic medical research.  It’s reductionistic allopathic medical research.  This is my point entirely.  The reductionistic allopathic M.D. method is a failed method.  We’ve given $1 trillion to the MDs to figure out a cure for cancer and they have dropped the ball, they have failed.  Why don’t we fire them?  We have been culturally conditioned to believe that the MDs own medicine and that everybody else doesn’t really practice medicine.  They do some weird “alternative” medicine.  If the MDs can’t figure it out, we have been led to believe, then nobody can figure it out. Medical doctors do not practice medicine.  They practice allopathic medicine.  Allopathic medicine is an old-fashioned outdated methodology.  It does not work.  It needs to be abandoned.  Hence my motto: “Fire your M.D. now!”

-Live long and prosper-

Dr. Glidden