A Doomed Partnership

Dr. Peter Glidden, your steadfast advocate for health talking today and every day about the unheralded benefits of science based clinically verified naturopathic medicine which apparently less and less naturopathic doctors are being trained in, more’s the pity. 

Let’s say you had scurvy. Your skin gets lesions and big ulcers.  Your bones start to dissolve.  It’s a bad, slow, painful, nasty death and it’s caused by a deficiency in vitamin C. So let’s say you had scurvy and you went to an M.D. or a naturopathic doctor or a homeopathic doctor. You go to the physician but the physician doesn’t know that you have scurvy but they know that you have problems right? They see that your bones are in trouble, your joints are in trouble, your skin’s in trouble. They do blood work and your numbers are through the roof! Inflammatory markers are through the roof!  So they assemble a therapeutic program with the intention to manage the symptoms that you’re experiencing. The medical doctor will give you anti-inflammatories, more anti-inflammatories, pain meds and maybe an immune suppressive medication as well. None of these things get to the root cause of what caused the illness in the first place - the fact is that you had a vitamin C deficiency.

The naturopathic physician didn’t know that this was scurvy, and they recommended you do a fast, or colonic hydrotherapy, or a couple of herbs, or some type of naturopathic hydrotherapy cleansing. With these treatment strategies you wouldn’t get better because they also are missing the mark.  It was a vitamin C deficiency and you didn’t get Vitamin C. You have all these nasty, persistent symptoms and your blood work is all messed up.  X-rays show damage. CT scan shows infiltrating damage. Everybody agrees that you’re in trouble, but the therapeutics that everybody is employing are insufficient to the cause.  All that you need to do in this case is deliver vitamin C in sufficient amounts.  It wouldn’t hurt if you also delivered the other 89 essential nutrients that the vitamin C needs in order to be metabolized properly by the human body. When you do this the illness goes away.  The scurvy goes away - it disappears.  The skin gets better, the bones get better, the joints get better. Everything improves because it was a vitamin C deficiency all along.

Now this of course is a simile for what happens when you bring your body to the office of a medical doctor.  They have no earthly idea whatsoever as to the operative cause of your condition.  They know that you have a condition and they’re relatively good at being able to do a differential diagnosis and figure out what to call your condition so that everybody agrees. 

This is osteoarthritis. 

This is traumatic arthritis. 

This is infectious arthritis. 

This is rheumatoid arthritis.


But nobody knows what causes the condition! So if they don’t know what causes the condition, how can they possibly be effective in curing the condition? They can’t.  Your medical doctor does not cure chronic disease, and if you go to a homeopathic physician or naturopathic physician or an herbalist who did not know the operative cause of the disease, they also would be ineffective in helping you to secure a positive outcome - in helping you to cure the illness. The cure would remain elusive. This is what happens inside of the medical industry - inside of M.D. land.  Hundreds of thousands of medical doctors all espousing the same outdated philosophical understanding of the relationship between the human body and disease.  When MDs get together they do research the intention of which is not to figure out what’s causing the illness because they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater in their philosophical understanding of how the human body works. 

  • They do not understand that the human body that is in a state of health doesn’t have arthritis.
  • The human body that’s in a state of health doesn’t have type II diabetes.
  • The human body that’s in the state of health doesn’t have a chronic illness.

They are unable to wrap their head around this simple foundation of naturopathic medicine and apparently a lot of naturopathic doctors are unable to do this also.  So what do they do? Well, they struggle along the particular lines of thought that they were taught in school because they have intellectual cowardice and they’re basing their understanding of what’s going on in the human body on the supposition that these things are incurable. So from their point of view, the best possible outcome is to suppress and manage, suppress and manage, suppress and manage! so if we have a patient with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and we knocked down the big bad voodoo daddy inflammation with methotrexate and prednisone and we manage the child’s symptoms - from the MDs point of view if the child has two flare-ups a year they are way ahead of the game. The MDs become comfortable inside of their mediocre therapeutics because they don’t know any better and they’re so arrogant and their profession is so filled with hubris and intellectual cowardice that they are completely unable to entertain the notion that their position, their understanding of what’s going on here may be wrong.  They cannot bring themselves to the conclusion that their understanding of how the human body works is wrong and should be abandoned. Too much cognitive dissonance there.  Their treatment failures can’t be their fault! So they do they march ahead unapologetically, sleep very soundly at night and are unconflicted in their delivery of substandard medicine that doesn’t cure anything.  This becomes the new normal.  

If you do not understand the operative cause of the disease, you will not be able to affect the cure.  You will not even be able to get into the ballgame of the cure - not even be able come close to a cure and that’s what happens.  So arthritis is incurable, rheumatoid arthritis is incurable, type II diabetes is incurable.  The only thing you can do is to manage the condition - and that’s what everybody gets comfortable with - and that is a problem.  It’s a BIG problem because, again, it becomes reality by consensus – that is what MD directed medicine is. Failed therapies bolstered and maintained by reality-by consensus.

Years ago all the medical doctors got around and everybody agreed that the only way to cure disease was to bleed people - to bleed the bad humors out of people because everybody knew that diseases were caused by bad humors which have accumulated in the blood. To treat the disease, you have to purge the humors from the body by bleeding people. You have to use the lancet to open up a vein and bleed people… Well, that therapy of course didn’t work.  It was abandoned after about 150 years. They were bleeding and bleeding and bleeding and bleeding and bleeding and that was the standard of care and everybody agreed that that was the correct thing to do, even though it produced really bad results. 


Eventually they threw that therapeutic aside, and then they sidled up on the side of a Calomel and high doses of Mercury to purge people! So instead of bleeding we’re going to purge them! That’s what you need in order to cure yourself.  You need to purge the bad stuff from inside the body.  Of course, that therapeutic didn’t work either, but that was the standard of care and that was what the most intellectually astute people in the world all agreed was the best thing to do.

Even though the treatments didn’t work and even though they harmed people, everybody gave them a pass because they are the MDs. For some reason we have had it culturally ingrained into our noggins that whatever the MDs says is correct and true - and we shouldn’t question the MDs. Do not question the M.D! no no no - don’t do that!  Then we discovered microbes and then antibiotics were all the rage and then the MDs went down this wild goose path of finding a drug to treat a disease – because if penicillin can cure pneumonia, then we must be able to find a drug to cure arthritis and a drug to cure type II diabetes, and a drug to cure whatever…   This is how that therapeutic trend started. then of course it was supported by the pharmaceutical companies. It is good for them because if you develop a therapy does not cure the condition but helps a little bit you’re gonna sell massive amounts of the drug right? Right! Now we’re seeing a remarkable rise in antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections because it comes right down to it, it’s not so much the bug is as it is the environment of the body and if you clean the environment of the body correctly the disease goes away. There are better ways to treat microbial infections than with the antibiotics that they rollout, but that train is going to have to go off the cliff in order for people to change. And so we go from one bad medical theory to the next.  

All these bad ideas that are rolled out over the centuries.  The latest one is the notion of autoimmunity and genetics.  You have to put yourself in the medical doctor’s shoes because there not immune to the statistics. they know that chronic diseases are rising they know that they’ve dropped the ball.  They know that their therapeutics don’t work.  They know that the only possible thing they can do is manage the illness.  But instead of revisiting their fundamental foundation philosophy (which is allopathic reductionism) they’re rolling out a brand new theory. Your illness cannot be the doctor’s fault and incompetence. It has to be your fault.  You’re sick because you have a bad gene.  That’s it!  It’s all genetic! And let’s not forget autoimmunity! You woke up on Monday morning and your body just all of a sudden decided to attack itself - it just decided to eat itself up from the inside…

Because the MDs exist in a self-policing, self-regulating cowardly profession and because too much cognitive dissonance exists for the trained M.D. to give up their particular philosophical ideation, ridiculous notions like this will persist. 

Perhaps the most ridiculous of all of these now is the notion of integrative medicine.  

So medical doctors now are taking weekend courses with Dr. Andrew Weil - a Harvard trained M.D. nincompoop who thinks he has an understanding of wholistic medicine because he took LSD in the 60s. Then there is the integrative of medical foundation founded by Jeffrey Bland, PhD - Linus Pauling’s last graduate student. They are trying to understand how to use naturopathic therapeutics, vitamins and herbs and nutritional supplements, homeopathic medicine and naturopathic healing techniques to negate the negative side effects of the drugs that they refuse to stop using. The intention here is to marry the two together. They’re not going to revisit their foundation fundamental philosophy regarding how the body works.  They can’t do that! So a handful of them are leaning on the naturopath to tell them how to use naturopathic therapeutics to knockdown the side effects of the drug so they can use more drugs and now that the naturopaths are allowed to prescribe drugs they are doing the same thing!  This integrative medicine nonsense completely misses the mark.  The fact of the matter is that there is a gigantic gap between the philosophical understanding of health and disease in the wholistic camp and the philosophical understanding of health and disease in the reductionistic camp.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to reconcile these 2 philosophies. Reductionistic medicine is good for trauma and for surgery when it’s necessary. Wholistic medical philosophy is good for everything else. You cannot marry the two.  There is no integration possible here - none.  

In a perfect world there would be just as many wholistic physicians in the world who were trained in schools that actually taught pragmatic science-based clinically verified wholistic medicine founded on wholistic medical philosophy. But this is not the case, and this is why Youngevity is so very important. Youngevity could effectively save the naturopaths from their own short-sightedness. In my experience of 27 years of clinical work, the therapeutics that produce the most effective, remarkable and consistent results are those developed by the founder of Youngevity - my mentor, colleague and friend, Dr. Joel Wallach. 

-Live long & prosper-

Dr. Glidden