Vlog: Glenn Frey, Another Loss...but Why?!

Glenn Frey, passed away at 67 years old.

Glenn Frey, passed away at 67 years old.

A sad day here, Glenn Frey – one of my favorite musicians - has died from complications of pneumonia while he was fighting colitis and rheumatoid arthritis.  Of course the headlines all read Glenn Frey put up a good fight with these illnesses and now at 67 years of age, he has died.  The headlines should have read: “Glenn Frey - another victim of modern MD Machiavellian, monopolistic, medical incompetence.”  I am assuming that Mr. Frey had all of the money necessary to have the best medical care in the United States.  He probably had a private room at the hospital.  He probably had the best physicians that money could buy.  Now he is dead.  Interestingly enough, he died from pneumonia.  Who dies from pneumonia?  The majority of people who die from pneumonia are elderly.  I would not consider Mr. Frey elderly, even though he was 67 years of age.  We have the genetic potential to live to be 120 and the average age of death in the United States hovers around 84 to 85 years of age.  But whether you think he was elderly or not, is beside the point, he died from pneumonia.  He also had rheumatoid arthritis and colitis and the major main treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is methotrexate.  Methotrexate lowers your immune system.  Let me read you a few of the known side effects of methotrexate:

  • Severe bleeding of the stomach and intestines!
  • Severe decrease in white blood cell count!
  • Severe holes in the intestine!
  • Severe infections caused by bacteria!
  • just to name a few!
methotrexate side effects bad.jpg

Now I have no idea whether or not he was on methotrexate, but it is the standard drug of choice for people with rheumatoid arthritis.  I have no idea whether his pneumonia started because he was hospitalized – we all know that hospitals are petri dishes.  I have no idea what treatments he was taking at the hands of the MDs.  I do however know this, that while he was under the best medical care that money could buy in the United States of America in the year 2016 he suffered and died.  And nobody asks the question – WHY?  After billions of dollars of research the MDs have no idea whatsoever as to what causes colitis, what causes rheumatoid arthritis, and what to do to cure pneumonia?  Why? We are so deeply down the rabbit hole of our abject allegiance to the MDs, that when the MDs fail us, when the MDs harm us, when the MDs kill us - we give them a pass.  Nobody asks the simple questions: Why do they not know what causes these diseases?  Why do they not know how to cure these diseases?  Why are their treatments often worse than the disease itself?

I successfully treat arthritis on a regular basis.

I successfully treat arthritis on a regular basis.

My colleagues and I successfully treat colitis, pneumonia and all types of arthritis on a regular basis.  And yet we are not allowed entry into mainstream medicine.  Do you think that the pharmaceutical industry is interested in coming up with a cure for colitis?  Do you think that the pharmaceutical industry is interested in coming up with a cure for rheumatoid arthritis?  Even if you can’t wrap your head around the notion that the pharmaceutical industry is trying to corner the market on disease management rather than disease cure, the fact of the matter still remains: While we have been under the care of the MDs, these diseases are getting worse.  They’re not getting better.  We are no closer to coming up with a cure for them now than we were 100 years ago.  Why don’t the headlines read: Glenn Frey - another victim of M.D. medical mediocrity?

They are intellectual cowards because they see their treatments fail, they’re not blind. They see their treatments harm. They see their treatments bankrupt. Do they question it? No, they just continue to roll it out over and over and over and over and over, even though Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result." The hubris of the medical doctor is so legendary.  Their arrogance is so great that it is beyond their ability to comprehend to even consider the notion that there ideation their understanding of disease, how it generates and what to do is completely utterly and totally wrong.  They cannot go there, they will not go there and when a handful of them do go there, they still don’t get it. 

One of the fastest-growing trends in MD directed medicine now is this ridiculous notion of integrative medicine right integrative medicine where the MDs now are learning how to use vitamins.  The MDs are now using/learning how to use herbs, but they don’t use the vitamins and the herbs wholistically.  They don’t use the vitamins and the herbs naturopathic way because a Tiger never changes the stripes. They use the vitamins and herbs the same way that they used drugs to up regulate the metabolism of the body or in the worst-case scenario to undo the negative side effects of their pharmaceutical treatment.  So these medical doctors who were now leaning towards this hybridization green allopathic integrative medicine are like blue dog Democrats and they are the worst of the worst.  You know I was living in Massachusetts for long time, which is where I grew up to practice and graduated medical school and there was a medical doctor in town female and she advertised that she practiced wholistic medicine and her idea of wholistic medicine was that she talked to her patients for 20 minutes before she gave them conventional medical treatment simply by having a relationship with the patient talking to the patient explaining to the patient what she was doing. 

That’s wholistic? No it’s not.  It’s nonsense.  There are hospitals, private hospitals around the country now springing up saying that they espouse the wholistic way of treating. What they mean is that they’ll have an MDI specialist an MD ear specialist an MD throat specialist an MD heart specialist an MD lung specialist an MD skin specialist an MD bladder specialist. You have access to all of them.  That’s not holistic medicine.  Wholistic medicine is a separate and distinct discipline & philosophy of treatment and you’re either practicing wholistic medicine or you’re not. You’re either a Democrat or Republican, you’re either a communist or socialist.  I don’t care. 

draw a line and stand for what you believe, dr glidden

Draw a line in the sand, stand up for what you are doing and for goodness sakes ladies and gentlemen fire, your medical doctor now.

~Live long and prosper~

Dr. G