Hepatitis C...What You Need To Know

This from NPR.org:

States Deny Pricey Hepatitis C Drugs To Most Medicaid Patients.  Sarah Jackson had quit abusing drugs and had been sober for six months when she found out she had hepatitis C. "That was weeks of not sleeping and just constant tears," she says. "I had already put a lot of that behind me and had been moving forward with my life and this was just a major setback." To get rid of the infection, her doctor prescribed Harvoni, one of the new generation of highly effective hepatitis C drugs. But Jackson never started the treatment because her insurance, Indiana's Medicaid, refused to pay for it. "There's nowhere else to go," says Jackson. "The doctor tried and now I have no other place to turn."

Well… That is absolutely positively not true.  The only reason that she believes she has no other place to turn, is because of the monopolization of the medical marketplace by the MDs, the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry and hospital industry.  Naturopathic physicians treat hepatitis C all of the time. 

The article goes on:

More than 3 million people in United States are infected with hepatitis C, a virus that can destroy the liver and cause liver cancer. The number of cases is increasing, and most new cases are attributed to injection drug abuse, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the last few years, new medications have come on the market that can cure hepatitis C with a more than 90 percent success rate. But these new drugs are famously expensive. A full 12-week course of Harvoni costs about $95,000. Because of that, Medicaid in many states restricts who receives the medication. 

Okay, so I’m not even going to talk about the fact that the pharmaceutical industry pays three or four or five times as much in marketing as they do on research, and their excuse for selling the drugs at such an unbelievably high price is because of the research costs.  They have to meet the bottom line… This notion is of course nonsense because they pay massively more in advertising for the drug than they do to researching the drug! They could sell the drug for a considerably less amount of money, but they will not. Why? Because they are too big to.  Pharmaceutical companies get away with murder, literally, and nothing happens to them.  Maybe a slap on the wrist.  Maybe $1 billion fine. It's a drop in the bucket to these people.  They continue to jack up the prices on prescription medications. They lobby for legislation such as Medicare Part D which locks in the prices the government has to pay for drugs and disallows any bartering. The drug prices are set in stone. This is a good deal for the drug companies, but not for you and me. But because they are deeply embedded into the fabric of the political system that exist in this country and because the government officials who vote favorably for Big Pharma go to work for Big Pharma when they retire from government -  and get paid handsomely, nothing gets done to stop this insanity.  

Don’t worry, because all of this price wrangling will be sorted out in the Free Market, right? We don’t need more laws – we just need to leave it all to the Free Market.  This is a pipe dream, because There Is No Free Medical Market.  We haven’t had a free medical market in the USA since the early 1900s. The only people that practice medicine in your hospital are MDs.  The only people your insurance pays for are MDs.  The only research money that the universities get is from the drug companies – and it is for MD research.  Do they do chiropractic research? No! Do they do Ayurvedic research?  No! Do they do acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine research?  No! Do they do naturopathic medical research? No! Do they do homeopathic medical research?  No! It is all about the drugs – pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals! Now please remember - it ain’t the drug.  It’s how it’s used. It’s not the gun, it’s how it’s used.  

drglidden advocate

But I digress.  Let’s get back to the topic at hand: Hepatitis C. I have a hepatitis C patient that I’ve been treating for over a quarter of a century. All of his buddies got hepatitis C as well, but he was the only one that sought wholistic health care.  He is still alive and is going strong.  He’s had a great life is a remarkable human being.  Quite frankly, a really great guy, and he is still alive, still going strong. Why has he survived when all of his buddies who also got hepatitis C at the same time died? Because he was the only one that followed my advice.  He was the only one that was wise enough to get on the medical nutrition train, and it literally saved his life.  This woman in Indiana, Sarah Jackson, she doesn’t know about naturopathic medicine.  You probably can't even pronounce naturopathic medicine.  Indiana doesn’t license naturopathic medicine, Illinois doesn’t license naturopathic medicine, Ohio doesn’t license naturopathic medicine.  The only states in the Midwest that do license naturopathic medicine, are Kansas and Minnesota.  That’s it. Again - we do not have a free medical market. 

Pharmaceutical companies have way too much money and way too much power and we have been underneath the heel of their jackboot for 100 years, and yet - every once in a while they hit a home run. I’ve said this a million times and I will continue to say it, â€śThank God for Novocain.” Every time I’m in the dentist’s office, I thank God for Novocain. Who doesn’t love that stuff? This is not a diatribe against drugs.  This is a diatribe against a monopolistic medical system which without restraint jacks up prices and leaves millions of the sick and suffering out of the treatment loop because of their profiteering. They also disallow other medical professions from having a fair shot.  We do not have a free medical market and that’s why Sarah Jackson in Indiana does not know what to do.  This is a problem, not just in the United States. It’s everywhere - Canada, Central America, South America, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand - all around the world, with the possible exception of China.  China has something like a hundred times as many people as we have, and they don’t have a healthcare crisis. Most people in China use traditional Chinese medicine for all of their ailments and they only use Western medicine when they step on a land mine or somebody from the Army shoots them in the foot because they were protesting something. But not here in the good old US of A! No No No! 

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MD directed medicine is in fact the leading cause of death in the United States. Over 760,000 people a year die as a direct result of visiting their MD for treatment.  It’s a runaway train.  Ladies and gentlemen. Quite frankly, it’s a train that’s gone off the tracks, over the embankment, into a ditch, in the middle of a swamp that’s on fire.  It is bad.  Everybody is sick and getting sicker every day not because they have a bad gene, but because they have a bad doctor. MD directed medical treatments for chronic diseases are the wrong dog for the hunt. MD directed medical treatments for chronic diseases does not work – and it should be abandoned.

Stick with me so you can -Live long & prosper-

Dr. Glidden