The Soul, Key to Healing

Love, God & the Soul

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Metaphysical examples include love and God. You could have an out of body experience, go to heaven, visit all of the saints, all of the angels all of the archangels and then come back into your body and you would not be able to prove that it had happened.  Here’s an eye-opener for you, perhaps a eureka moment.  Your medical doctor is an atheist - at least while they are at work.  MD directed medicine is based on a reductionistic method of scientific inquiry, which is based upon Newtonian physics – and Newtonian physics argues that if it can’t be measured, it does not exist.  Since nobody has ever measured the soul with a microscope or an MRI or CT scan, to the reductionist it does not exist.  So your medical doctor is of the belief that there is no soul inside the body.  No spiritual force, no vital force, no inherent spiritual energy inside the human body whatsoever.  Newtonian physics, which is what the MD is trained in, believes that the human body is a bag of biochemicals waiting to break.  It also teaches that consciousness itself is a function of biochemistry.  According to the MD when you die, it’s lights out, game over.  Everything comes to a grinding halt.  There is no such thing as God.  There is no such thing as life after death.  There is no such thing as anything other than the body.  This is the ideation and philosophy that your medical doctor is brought up inside of – and if that doesn’t terrify you, you’re not paying attention.

Wholistic Perspective

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Now, pragmatically, how does all of this apply to health?  Well… think it through.  If there is a soul, it exists inside the body.  Therefore, the soul has an intimate relationship with the body.  As a matter of fact, wholistic physicians all around the world argue that the soul force is the very thing that animates the physical body.  This is evidenced by the fact that when somebody dies the body stops functioning.  The biochemistry of the body is exactly the same one second after death as it was during life.  Why does everything stop working when you die?  Because the soul has left the body (Elvis has left the building).  It is the presence of the soul in the human body, which makes the human body work and which regulates all of the millions of autonomic, automatic functions inside of the human body every second of every day.  This is a very important point.  This conceptual understanding of the vital force is one of the foundations of naturopathic medicine.  This is what gives rise to the naturopathic Maxim...

Give the body what it needs, stop eating food that’s gumming up the works, detoxify the body appropriately – and the body will fix itself. This is the message of this radio program.

Naturopathic Medicine 101

  1. Give the body what it needs e.g. Nutrify the body with the 90 essential nutrients. 
  2. Stop eating food that’s gumming up the works e.g. stop the 12 bad foods. 
  3. Detoxify the body on a regular basis.

Fix or Manage Symptoms?

Do these things, keep your fingers crossed and 9 times out of 10, the body fixes itself.  But the MD does not believe that this is possible.  The MD does not see things this way.  The MDs grounding in Newtonian physics and their training in allopathic reductionism teaches them that they must oppose the disease process.  MD directed, reductionistic, allopathic medicine is oppositionally defiant.  The medical doctor doesn’t treat the body.  The medical doctor treats the part.  So you get one medicine for your arthritis, one medicine for your blood pressure, one medicine for your anxiety, one medicine for insomnia, etc. etc. etc. And the medicines prescribed are intended not to fix the problem but to manage the problem through violent opposition.  So you’re given an antibiotic right and anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant.  You are given a medicine the intention of which is to combat the symptoms that your body is expressing.  The intention of the drug is to manipulate the biochemistry of the human body in order to suppress the symptom that the body is generating.  This goes against most wholistic laws of medicine, laws of healing, and virtually all wholistic thought because from the wholistic point of view, the symptomatic expression of the disease holds the keys to the cure.  But these distinctions regarding the symptomatic expression of disease are lost to the MDs. 

The point that I’m attempting to make here is that when the body is in a state of health it is symptom-free.  Then the body experiences a stress that is too much for it to handle, and the stress destabilizes the bod, the body compensates by generating a symptom.  For instance, if you have a migraine headache you have pain in the head, right?  Now if you bring that migraine headache to the office of a medical doctor, what do they do?  They give you pain meds, they give you anti-inflammatories and Fiorinal, which do nothing whatsoever to restore balance to the system, but simply suppress and manage the symptoms that you are experiencing.  Which is why, while under the MDs care, the migraines keep coming back and keep coming back and keep coming back and keep coming back – and then you need more drugs and more drugs and more drugs and more drugs because their treatments do not get to the root cause of the disease process.  Why?  Because their treatments are based upon a philosophy of healing (allopathic reductionism) which is inconsistent with the reality of the human experience. 

Conversely, if you had a migraine headache and you went to a wholistic physician, especially someone trained in naturopathy or homeopathy, the wholistic physician would ask you questions such as:

  • What part of the head is painful? 
  • Is at the right temple? 
  • Is at the left temple?  
  • Is the top of the head? 
  • Is at the back of the head? 
  • What does the pain feel like? 
  • Is the pain throbbing, is it pounding, is it bursting, is it ripping, it tearing? 
  • Does it feel like someone’s hammering and nail into your head? 
  • What makes the pain feel better? 
  • Does a cold application make the pain feel better? 
  • Does a hot application make the pain feel better? 
  • What makes the pain feel worse? 
  • Does lying perfectly still make it better? 
  • Does movi ng around make it worse? 
  • Does coughing make it worse? 
  • Does sneezing make it better? 
  • What comes along for the ride – when you get a migraine headache do you get nauseous?
  • Do you see sparks in front of your eyes? 
  • Do you get ringing in your ears? 
  • Do you get a really really tight and tense neck? 

The wholistic physician looks at all of these minutia, all of these details of the symptoms and includes each and every one of them in their diagnostic assessment of what to do to address the problem.  When you pay attention to the symptomatic expressions of the body with fine detail, you are given clues as to what to do to cure the problem.  Curing the disease is very different proposition than simply pushing symptoms around with man-made synthetic drugs – which is the only thing that the MDs are trained to do.

The Problem

The symptomatic expression of the body holds the key to the cure of the illness, but these distinctions are lost on the medical doctor in large part because their understanding of the human body does not include the vital force and this omission is the main reason why the MDs therapeutics fail.  It’s like they are color blind artists, but they don’t know that they are color blind.  Their paintings are always going to be incorrect, they are always going to be wrong - every time, guaranteed.  When, into a complex system of interrelated parts , which is managed, motivated, vitalized, activated and controlled by an intelligent, spiritual vital force you throw man-made drugs willy-nilly, it’s like throwing shoes into a complex system of gears.  This is known as sabotage.  This is the main reason why drugs create side effects. 

The main thing here that I want you to understand is that your medical doctors by virtue of their education in allopathic reductionism (which is based on Newtonian physics) do not understand the most fundamental truth of the human organism - that the human body is inhabited by an intelligent spiritual presence and it is this spiritual presence which is running the show.  When the body is sick, it generates very unique individualized symptoms and you must pay attention to the individualization of the symptoms if you are going to attempt to cure the disease.  Because the MDs do not understand this, their treatments are the leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States.  The medical philosophy that they are trained in is outdated, ineffective and juvenile.  But the arrogance and hubris of the MDs makes them completely incapable of any introspection.  So instead of blaming their own misguided philosophy of medicine, they blame you.  You are sick because you are lazy because you make bad choices and because you have the bad gene. So what should you do?

Become an  Advocate  to learn more ways to help your body feel the way it was designed to.

Become an Advocate to learn more ways to help your body feel the way it was designed to.

The Solution

You must fire your M.D. now! Stick around and I'll show you how to make your body healthy. Healing is really easy despite what you've been told. Surgery is complicated, but healing...easy!

~Live long and prosper~

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