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I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 16 months ago. My glucose blood reading was between 16 and 29.5, cholesterol up too high, high blood pressure and fatty liver disease and I don't drink alcohol. I have been told by the doctor, that I was lucky to see him, otherwise, I would have a stroke, deadly stroke in the very near future. This was a shock to me. I started to do some research for 6 months online when I saw a video by Dr. Peter Glidden on diabetes. I started to watch a few more videos of Dr. Peter Glidden and I was so impressed that I started to follow his advice. I give it to you straight: Dr. Peter Glidden ND saved my life. I completely changed my nutrition including avoiding the 12 bad foods Dr. Glidden talks about. With medication from the doctor, I went to my second blood test. Great improvement. My doctor could not believe it, including losing 22 kilograms of my weight to arrive at my ideal weight calculated by body mass.

3 months before I was due for my next blood test, I did the following:

First, I got on to the 90 for Life, Essential nutrition program with Youngevity. Once I started on the Healthy Body Start pak containing the 90 essential nutrients, 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2 essential fatty acids together with Sweet Eze blood sugar support, everything changed for me for the better. I was so convinced about the supplementation from Youngevity, that I started not to take the medication anymore, subscribed by the doctor. 

10 weeks later I went back to my doctor, told him that I stopped taking the medication and take the 90 essential nutrients instead. The doctor sends me off to a blood test again. After the test, I went back to see him again. There was an improvement again from the last blood test, glucose reading down to 7.4, blood pressure perfect, fatty liver improved but still need to work on that one. Now, the doctor told me the following: "Stay with your diet and KEEP TAKING THE SUPPLEMENTS, without the medication. The proof is in the pudding!!

12 weeks on the supplements, here are some other positive changes that happened to me:

  1. Fungus under the toenails, nearly gone.

  2. Itchy and dry skin, improved by 80%.

  3. Fitness and good sleep improved by 150%.

  4. Cravings for sweets and snacking gone!

  5. My vision, reading more without my glasses.

  6. Stopped smoking 3 weeks ago, 90% success and working on it.

  7. My daily blood glucose readings are getting better, average 6.8.

  8. Fewer mood swings, calmer and can concentrate better.

  9. Maintaining my body weight and love my daily walks. (I was so ill, that a 15-minute walk was like working for 5 hours.)

  10. My blood pressure is back to perfect.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, taking the 90 essential nutrients every day was and still is one of the best decision I ever made, regarding my health. There is nothing better out there.

I have also subscribed to Dr. Peter Glidden as an Ambassador, having access to his database, and you should do the same. Become a Youngevity Distributor today, take the 90 essential nutrients every day and help others on the way of healing and optimal health. 

A very big thank you to Dr. Peter Glidden ND, Brenda and the team of Youngevity for saving my life. God bless you all.

- Marc Zurcher from Australia

My name is Brian Taylor and I've been doing Youngevity for a year now and believe me it works. I've been fat all my life, I spent a couple of decades bouncing between 385 and 425. when I started Youngevity a year ago in less than 3 months I lost 75 lbs and went from taking 19 prescriptions a day down to 4. I was taking insulin twice a day for 20 years, no longer. I was taking three different high blood pressure medicines, not anymore, my blood pressure now runs about 100 / 58. I had arthritis in my knees and they were just about bone to bone, well they're doing a lot better now. I'm walking better and I don't have the pain I once had. At one point I could hardly walk, I was taking 6 of the maximum dose Vicodin a day, not anymore. My endocrinologist told me there was absolutely no cure for diabetes, high blood pressure, or arthritis. I can't wait to see him again to see how he explains why I no longer have these (incurable) diseases. Anyway, if you take the Youngevity supplements and stop eating the bad Foods, you will be surprised at how much better your Health improves, and I'm living proof of that.

Hi friends, Youngevity rocks! I am so excited!!

Been at the doctors to get my blood test. I am a type 2 diabetic. I have been on the Youngevity Healthy Body Pak and Sweet Eze since the start of November 2017. I have been watching what I eat and been watching a lot of videos on Dr. Peter Glidden.

Let's get back to my doctor. About 5 months ago, I did a blood test after I told my doctor that I am not taking the medication anymore but use Youngevity minerals, vitamins, amino acid and essential fatty acids including blood glucose support. After getting the results, the doctor kept me off the medication and told me to use the minerals instead. My glucose reading was 7.0, my liver had double the amount of fats which I needed to improve, my cholesterol was just on the borderline.

Today, I went back to my doctor to get my recent results of the blood test. First, he asks me, if I am still taking the medication. My answer was no, funny that, he asks me twice. He is amazed again! Here is the result of my new reading of the blood test.

  • Glucose 6.5

  • The Liver has normal fat counts again, 100% recovered.

  • My good and bad cholesterol are perfect.

  • The Kidney function is good.

    Overall the verdict is: I am now PRE-DIABETIC.By the way, all blood test results I have in writing. The moral of the story is: Belief in yourself, be positive, use Youngevity 90 essential nutrients and eat well and healthy.
    My next goal is to be healed from diabetes. I will keep you posted. My next blood test is November/December 2018.

    - Marc Zurcher