On April 3, 2015 I was diagnosed by a neurologist with benign essential tremors. This condition affected my head and neck, making it difficult to sleep at night.  The shaking also made me very self-conscious.  The neurologist offered me beta-blockers as a potential way to manage the symptoms; I declined.  I asked very specifically if there was anything I could do nutritionally to affect change and was told "no.

I had been taking the Youngevity Healthy Body Start Pak for just a few months and had become a subscriber to Dr. Glidden's website so that I could learn more.  When I received this diagnosis, I wrote in on the chatline to ask if there was anything I could do to help relieve the tremors.  Dr. Glidden reminded me to avoid the bad foods -- a list that had grown to 12 specific foods to avoid.  My husband and I had been working on that, so we jumped in 100%.  Dr. Glidden advised me to take supplements that would support the structure and function of my central nervous system -- the Healthy Brain & Heart Pak, extra selenium, and Plant Derived Minerals.  I also upped my intake of dietary cholesterol.

Within just a matter of about 2 weeks the tremors had subsided dramatically and are only felt occasionally.

- Linda Allen