Dr. Glidden's Youngevity-Centric* Subscription Content

*None of the content on this website has been endorsed by the Youngevity Corporation. It was all created independantly and exclusively by Dr. Glidden.

The Nitty Gritty

First of all, this isn't like any other Tool that's available. It was put together by Dr. Glidden himself - from top to bottom. He brought 30 years of clinical experience as a licensed Naturopathic doctor, and 10 years of working directly with Dr. Wallach to bear on it's production.

It's an On-Line Subscription Service that gives you 24-hour access to a HUGE Library of tools.

A successful Network Marketing strategy MUST BE DUPLICATABLE in order to work, and when it comes to enrolling folks into Youngevity-Health, it's a really good idea to POINT TO the expert, rather than trying to become the expert.

By using this tool you will LEARN a great deal. It's better for someone to teach you how to fish than to just give you a fish - right? In this arena, NOBODY is a better teacher than Dr. Glidden - NOBODY.

Dr. Wallach Approved

All of this greatness is available as part of 2 different Subscription options:

$29.95 per month

$288 per year - Which translates to $24.00 per month

  • Either way - you get instant access once you make your purchase.

What's Included In This Excellent Tool

That you are going to purchase - RIGHT NOW -

health Webinars

Health webinars featuring Dr. Glidden himself. Short, sweet, and to the point. 50 webinars in the library now - with more added each month. Blood Sugar Health? Point and Click! Heart Health? Point and Click! Weight Loss Strategies? Point and Click! You get the picture. Sharepass lets you share ALL OF THESE WEBINARS With Your Prospects via email! It's FREE for them, and EMPOWERING for you. Point, Click, Share, Follow-Up, Enroll!

More Webinars

Learn strategies for structuring your downline network. Learn how to follow-up with your prospects. Learn about NEW product benefits. Learn how to turn horses into unicorns. OK, OK - you can't turn a horse into a unicorn... Just wanted to make sure you were still reading...

Live Chat with Dr. Glidden

2 HOURS EACH MONTH! What? YES! 2 hours each month to pry open Dr. Glidden's brain and get your questions answered! Additionally - and this is the BEST part, Every Live-Chat session is Archived and Searchable. Bata-Bing, bada boom!


Podcast Access

Did you know that Dr. Glidden has a VERY FUNNY and VERY INFORMATIVE Podcast each week? Sorry - that's not true. It's TWICE each week! This is where you come to learn a little and laugh a lot. It's the lighter side of the brain trust - and it's a delight to listen to. 45 Podcasts are in the archives right now, with 2 new ones added each week (more or less).


REALLY NICE graphics - and lots of them! They are editable too! Insert your contact info in the space provided, then post them on social media, or in your local newspaper, or wherever you like. These graphics GRAB people's attention and make them want to know more. Here’s one of my favorites:


Product Discounts

Enjoy savings on ALL of Dr Glidden's other stuff: Books, DVDs, CDs, Tee-Shirts, and whatever else he dreams up.


access to This remarkable Tool starts at $24.00 per month

and you get it instantly once you make your purchase.