November 10, 2015 Dr. Glidden Show


This week we have been talking about the importance of cholesterol and how necessary it is for the body and today were are talking about cholesterol lowering drugs, statins. Statins are related to all kinds of complications and side effects and are dangerous to your health.

 12:17 (Hernia) Jeff from Nashville calls in asking about his daughter who has a hernia. Dr. Glidden recommends he seek out a person trained in the Bowen technique.

The recommendations:

  • Eliminate the 12 bad foods
  • 1 Healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid
  • 1 bottle of plant derived minerals 
  • 1 bottle of liquid Gluco Gel Plus per 100 lbs per month 
  • 1 bottle of HGH Youth complex

15:28 (Blood Sugar) Stephen from New Jersey calls in asking about a friends daughter. She experiences Nausea quite often. Dr. Glidden mentions the first thing to do when anybody has chronic and persistent digestive trouble and this is digestive trouble.  The first thing to do is stop the 12 bad foods

Recommendation is:

  • Eliminate the 12 bad foods
  • 1 bottle of Cherri Mins
  • 1 bottle of Ultimate EFA
  • 1 bottle of Maqui Plus
  • Then after 4 weeks of this switch to the Healthy blood sugar pack 2.0

29:08 (Hashimoto Thyroiditis) Lorrie from California calls in regarding Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Lorrie mentions that she has been taking some supplements that were recommended to her by her ND. This is a fractionated nutritional approach.

Dr. Glidden mentions that you need to give the body all of the essential nutrients that it needs every day appropriate for body weight and recipes your body can actually absorb and to do that for six months get out of the way and see how far back your body bounces.

Most of the time when we do these two simple things we just stop eating food that’s hurting the body we give the body all of the nutrients that it needs right, not just a boatload of you know a couple of amino acids or vitamin C or whatever and stop the megadoses of calcium.  Instead give the body everything that it needs in a holistic, comprehensive fashion. 

39:18 (Bone and Joint) Jesus asks Dr. Glidden if they can use Knox gelatin to help with bone and joint support. Dr. Glidden says yes and to make sure he adds the 90 essentials.

40:11 (Thyroid) Ryan asks what to do if someone has had there thyroid removed. 

They must take medical nutrition. If not the thyroid meds will dwindle their nutritional tanks.Dr. Glidden also mentions thatchy take amor thyroid rather than synthroid.

43:19 (Spinal muscular atrophy) Cheryl from Georgia calls in about her friends baby. The baby is 3 months old. the doctors told her that most of children with this disease only live to be a few years old.

Dr. Glidden says that he doesn't know if the child can get better, but he says it’s a good idea to give the child nutrition.

The recommendation is:

  • Healthy body stay pack 2.0 appropriate for body weight

45:40 (Nerve damage) Cheryl asks about her friend who often has a tingling sensation in his right arm. Dr. Glidden mentions that it could be mechanical and says it would be a good idea to visit a chiropractor. 

The recommendation is:

  • 1 Healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid
  • 2 bottle of Cal Toddy