November 11, 2015 Dr. Glidden Show

12:00 - Essential Oils, Ravensara?

13:00 - Carmen (advocate chat), Vegetarian that needs protein. Are there products from Youngevity for that?

14:26 - Sophia, Can I mix BTT, Osteo FX and Renu IQ with my grandpa’s powdered milk in the morning?

20:55 - Carmen (advocate chat) How to get someone off Viagra?

22:40 - Ryan (advocate chat) Smoking…how to quit?

24:40 Mooshtog (sp?), Sprained ankle, knee pain, torn ligament, hurt MCL…

36:20 - Loretta, Son with diabetes with an amputated leg, high blood pressure, stint in good leg, stint in heart, two strokes, smoker…help!

38:06 - back to Ryan (advocate chat)

40:05 - Jesus (advocate chat) Knox gelatine, can it be mixed with BTT? Try using Great Lakes Gelatine.

41:21 - Don (advocate chat) Back pain, what do you recommend?

42:30 - back to Loretta.