November 9, Dr. Glidden Show

12:00 (Bursitis) Larry mentions has pain in his hip. Dr Glidden recommends he see a chiropractor. The joint never the hip can pout anatomical stress and might need an adjustment.

Dr. Glidden mentions for him to continue on doing the 2 healthy start packs and 22 gulch gel capsules every day and also add another bottle of Osteo FX.

16:15 (Testimonial) Moshtad calls in to give a testimonial about his parents, HIs mom has been taking the Youngevity products for a few months. He had his mom do a symptom chair and the problems that she ]was experiencing like pain have dropped from an 8 down to a 3. She had dozen or so symptoms

19:02 (Water) Chuck asks how much water should someone drink per day. Dr. Glidden mentions that know one really knows. He mentions to listen to your body.

22: 58 (Hiatal Hernia Esophagus irritation Duodenitis)  Moostod continues in after the break calling in for a friend.

The MDs mentioned that these symptoms are called by stress. 

The recommendations are:

  • Stop eating the 12 bad foods
  • 2 bottles of plant derived minerals
  • 2 body Osteo FX
  • 2 bolltes ultimate digestive enzymes
  • 2 bottles of Oxo Body cherry berry

29:47 (Hydrocephalus seizures) Donald from Washington calls in mentioning his 7 year old grandson suffers from hydrocephalus and is having seizures. He has been on seizure medication gives him bad side effects,

The recommendations:

37:30 (Thyroid cancer) Recommendation is: Eliminate the 12 bad foods, watch the thyroid webinar and follow the nutritional protocol and add to that, 4bottles of Radical and 4 bottles of good herbs lymphatic support

(45:09) Cholesterol), A question asked in the chatroom. Have the MDs lowered the level of cholesterol in order to sell more statins. Yes. Dr Glidden kites cholesterol to be between 250-300.

46:12 (A-Fib) Kevin calls in asking about A-Fib and wants to now what to take when someone is on a small budget.

The recommendations are:

  • Cm cream
  • Ultimate classic and beyond osteo FX