12:13 (Medullary Sponge Kidney Kidney Stones ) *CHAT* Rex asks Dr.Glidden what to do to help his brother who has kidney stones and a medullary spongekidneyDr. Glidden mentions that youare born with this it’s like a birthmark and the reason that he got the the birth defect was because his obstetrician was an idiot.  Birth defects are caused by nutrient deficiencies in the blood of the pregnant mother. His mother when she was pregnant with him did not have the nutrients in her body that her body needed to make a babies body correctly.  She didn’t have a voodoo curse and she didn’t have a bad gene.  She had in appropriate neonatal nutrition and not supposed to be the obstetrician’s job to keep the mother and the baby healthy.

You don’t get kidney stones.  It’s not because he’s got a funky kidney.  People get kidney stones because they have calcium deficiencies calcium deficiencies not in excess of calcium.  Calcium deficiencies cause kidney stones.

  • Recommendation per 100 lbs
  • 1) 1 healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid
  • 2) 1 bottle of ultimate selenium per 50 lbs
  • 3) Good herbs kidney support
  • 15:40 (Diabetes heartburn) Rein calls in asking about her husband who deals with diabetes and heartburn

20:30 (Osteo FX) April asks Dr. Glidden the difference between the liquid and powdered Osteo FX

22: 42 (Carpel tunnel) Jonathan asks Dr. Glidden what to do for Carpel Tunnel. Dr. Glidden mentions that it’s a molybdenum deficiency. 

  • Recommendations per 100 pounds of body weight
  • Healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid
  • Cellsheild RTQ
  • Plant derived minerals
  • Good herbs circulatory support
  • 25:31 Dr. Glidden goes back to Rein

recommendations for 4 weeks are:

  • Oxy body cherry berry
  • Maqui Plus
  • Osteo FX
  • Ultimate enzymes
  • 37:38 Dale(Blood sugar) Dale has been on Youngevity for 5 weeks and his blood sugar has dropped


  • Recommendations are:
  • Eliminate 12 bad foods
  • Plant derived minerals
  • Healthy body start pack
  • Sweet eze
Dr. Peter Glidden