November 16, 2015 Dr. Glidden Show

12:30 (Epstein bar) *Chat*

Melanie mentions to Dr. Glidden that she as been taking the Youngevity products for 11 days and has not seen any changes in how she feels. Dr. Glidden mentions that she needs to give the program 90 days and in fact everyone should give the program 90 days. Some people experience a remarkable, noticeable measurable improvement in six hours.  Some people it takes six weeks.  Some people it takes 90 days inside right healing is a process it’s not an event.  Healing is something that rolls itself out over time.  So before we can judge the effectiveness of this program up or down one way or the other.  You must give it 90 days 90 days.

14:27 (Medical marijuana) *Chat* Ryan asks about Dr. Glidden’s take on Medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is mostly used as a palliative treatment is not designed to cure anything.  It’s designed to help people deal with the pain help people deal with the nausea so if you smoke marijuana or eat the marijuana plant or you take the marijuana oil, you may feel temporarily better for little while until it wears off, and then the pain comes back.  

So it’s better to manage pain with marijuana than with Oxycodone or some other type of pain med that’s extremely addictive, but keep in mind that this far as Dr. Glidden is concerned the marijuana treatment is not designed to cure anything.  It simply designed to manage things in.  And we always attempt to cure.

15:39(A-Fib) Marylyn in Arizona calls in asking advice with her A-Fib. Dr. Glidden says that our take on this is that it’s not the heart.  It’s the nerves coming out of the spine. The problem here is with degenerative disc disease in the spine and the little discs are like a feather pillow and they need to be rebuilt and strengthened.

22:10(Hyperhidrosis) *CHAT* Jen asks about her friend who suffers from excessive seating. Dr. Glidden mentions the first thing to consider is it’s an essential fatty acid deficiency and essential fatty acid deficiency.

The recommendation is:

  • Healthy start pack 2.0 liquid
  • Extra EFA’s 15 a day
  • 3) Eliminate the 12 bad foods
  • 15:39 (A-Fib)  Back to Marilyn form Arizona.

The recommendations are:

  • 1 healthy start pack 2.0 liquid per 100 lbs of body weight
  • Gulch gel 1 capsule per 10 lbs of body weight per day
  • 9 EFAs per day 3 per meal
  • 9 ultimate selenium per day 
  • 35:40 (Alkaline water) Chris form Nevada calls in asking Dr. Glidden’s thought on alkaline water. It’s a better option than just drinking tap water.  However, do not drink it with a meal because during a meal your stomach acid is so strong that if you cut your finger off and swallowed it.  Your your stomach with digested down to the bone. So you need to have strong stomach acid to digest food.  If you drink alkaline water with a meal.  You neutralizes stomach acid making it really difficult for your body to digest that food.  I’m all for it. Just make sure you do it between meals.

37:50 (Scoliosis, Rolfing))*CHAT* Liz asks about her daughter. Dr. Glidden mentions we believe it is caused by calcium and magnesium deficiencies. The problem with scoliosis is not so much the bones as it is with the muscles.


  • Eliminate the 12 bad foods
  • 1 Health body start pack 2.0
  • 1 bottle of Cal Toddy
  • Find a good Rolfing practitioner
  • 42:00 (Rheumatoid arthritis,) Prescott Arizona Rein calls in and gives terrific testimony regarding her health since starting Youngevity.