November 18, 2015 Dr. Glidden Show

13:00 (Benign tremors) Dana asks about someone who has Benign tremors.Dr. Glidden recommends a diet high in cholesterol. The 90 essential nutrients and smart fx

13:30 (Up set stomach) Dana’s wife gets an upset stomach from taking the Youngevity products. Dr. Glidden mentions to always take the supplements with a meal. And to make sure to avoid the 12 bad foods.

16:23 (Kidney disease,  high blood pressure) Hatti calls infor a friend dealing with Kidney disease and high blood pressure. The MDs said that the nutritional products have caused the kidneys to crystallize because of to much vitamin c. Dr. Glidden mentions that kidney disease is something that doesn’t happen overnight.  It doesn’t happen in the course of two weeks.  It happens over the course of years, like the straws that broke the camels back.The major cause of kidney dysfunction is peripheral arterial disease.  It’s a clogging of the microscopic blood vessels in the kidney over time.

21:32 (ZRadical) Ryan asks when you would add ZRadical into the diet.Dr. Glidden mentions the benefits of fucoidan which is an ingredient. It helps your body kill cancer cells.  It regulates the immune system.  It does too many things for me to enumerate here.  It’s a really great add-on to elimination of the 12 bad foods.

30:41 (Diarrhea IBS) Symptoms of IBS and symptoms of digestion issues.Dr. Glidden recommends a a comprehensive stool analysis test from an ND.It’s called CSA comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology times 3. As well as take sovereign silver 3 times a day

Dr. Peter Glidden