November 19,2015 Dr. Glidden Show

12:55 (Kidney stone Shingles) *CHAT* EULA says her sister is taking a healthy start pack super KB five months ago.  She was hospitalized for kidney stone five or six years ago and she has shingles.  She asks how long should she take the super kb. Dr. Glidden mentions thatkidney stones are caused from our point of view by a deficiency in calcium, so I would give her calcium appropriate for body weight and then one or two extra bottles of beyond Osteo fx a month. Spray the hell out of them with colloidal silver and take killer biotic one or two caps three times a day until the shingles are gone and spray them with colloidal silver every hour.

21:02 (Hydrocephalus) *CHAT* Kathy asks about her friend who has water on the brain and ask Dr. Glidden for his opinion. Dr. Glidden recommends that they see a chiropractor, who’s been trained in applied kinesiologyand have the kinesiologist assess what’s going on.  He also recommends the healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid plant minerals extra selenium and extra EFA’s eliminate the 12 bad foods

25: 44 (Rheumatoid arthritis ) Kathy in Florida calls in to talk to Dr. Glidden and give her testimonial of the many benefits she has received from Youngevity for dealing with her rheumatoid arthritis. 

40:16 (Stroke, diabetes,asthma,high blood pressure) Bev asks Dr. Glidden about her friend who suffers from multiple health challenges. Dr. Glidden recommends to give her a healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid, plant minerals, two bottles of selenium.

43:12 (GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), panic attacks, high blood pressure, tremors, carpel tunnel, stroke) Marilyn from Illinois calls in mentioning her many health challenges. Dr. Glidden mentions that these are a mineral deficiency. This is wholistic medicine and we give the body what it need and the body will sort it out. The recommendation is for 90 days: 2 healthy start pack 2.0 liquid, extra beyond osteo fx, 4 bottles of good herbs hypothalamus support.