November 3, 2015 Dr. Glidden Show

After the break:

(GALL BLADDER) After the break Valerie calls in from Texas. She suffers from gall stone attacks for about a year, She has had her gall bladder removed. She has started to take some nutritional supplements like digestive enzyme with ox bile. She mentioned that se is having trouble with digestion and is starting to put on weight.

Dr Glidden mentions there’s a couple of things going on here that you need to understand number one.  The problem with the gallbladder right there was a problem metabolically in your body.  Something was wrong in your body for such a long time that the gallbladder was negatively affected.

 Now you know medical doctors are of the opinion that you don’t need to gallbladder, you don’t need your tonsils.  You don’t need your adenoids.  You don’t need your ovaries.  You don’t need a uterus right after you enter menopause.  You don’t need your appendix, etc.

 And because gallbladder surgery is so easy for them to do now.  It is a cash cow that they’re gonna recommend you have gallbladder surgery, whether in point of fact you need it or not, because like the fella said when all you have is a hammer, every thing looks like a nail. 

Dr, Glidden tells her that because you no longer have the gallbladder you’re going to need to supplement your diet every day and give your digestive tract. 

The recommendation is:

  1. Avoid the 12 Bad foods found @
  2. Health body start pack liquid 2.0
  3. 3 Bottles ultimate selenium
  4. 4 bottles of Good Herbs liver and gall bladder support 

( LOW HEART RATE) Up next is Michael from OHIO he calls in with circulatory issues and a low heart rate.

Dr. Glidden asks for how many years has your heart rate and low?  Michael did not know how long he has had it. He has also had a back problem to which has been seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Glidden mentions that angled chiropractor is worth his weight in Gold.

Dr. Glidden says first thing to think about is a problem with your back because the nerves that come out of your back. We got the brain and and then the brain coalesces in the back of the brain and the spinal cord.  The spinal cord is a big bundle of nerves.  It goes all the way down your back and your tailbone and it’s protected by your your your backbone.  The vertebrae in your in your backbone and all of the nerves that enervate most of the body come out of the spinal cord and go to different parts of the body.  

This includes the nerves that regulate the beating of the heart so if you have a problem with a high pulse rate or a low pulse rate or an erratic pulse rate or anything.  The first thing to consider is that you have a problem in your mid back and it possibly might be degenerative disc disease so I would have the chiropractor assess the middle of your back might even want to take an x-ray digital x-ray and look to see what’s going on in the middle of your back. Dr Glidden wants Michael to go and get this checked out and then to call back and he will let him know which nutritional supplements to take.  

(cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, liver cirrhosis, kidney disease)The last caller of the day is Elias from Florida he calls is asking about his mother in law. She is in a world of hurt.His Mother in law is dealing cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, liver cirrhosis kidney disease, and her gall bladder had been taken out.

Here is Dr. Glidden’s recommendations:

  1. 3 bottles of plant derived minerals 
  2. Healthy body start pack 2.0 tablets
  3. 3 bottles of ultimate selenium
  4. 1 bottle of ultimate enzymes 
  5. 1 bottle of Good Herbs circulatory support