December 1, 2015 Dr. Glidden Show

17:20 (Nitrates) *CHAT* Jen asks Dr.  Glidden’s thoughts are on nitrates. He says It would be prudent to avoid all sources of bad crap.  However,  if it’s minimal in tiny amounts and your eliminating the 12 bad foods and taking your supplements every day you’re gonna be good to go.  Unless of course eating the stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

21:30 Terry from Virginia calls in and mentions her nephew who is dealing with cancer and the doctors wanting to open him up to see if there is any more cancer.Dr. Glidden mentions they don’t have a solution and there only doing it so they can line him up for chemotherapy and radiation which is gonna make them money, but swill not do him any good because it doesn’t work and is not just me that saying this.

34:46 (Thrombocytosis, high platelets) *CHAT* Rex asks Dr. Glidden about his brother in law and asks how to lower platelet counts. Dr. Glidden mentions to ask Dr. Wallach on this one. But in the mean time to treat it like arthritis. 

36:36 (lump in breast,Lactating adenomas) Maggie from New Jersey calls in asking about her daughter. She is breast feeding and has had three children. Dr. Glidden says I believe, is not that she’s breast-feeding.  The problem is that she’s had three kids and she is under nitrified and from our point of view.  Everybody is nutritionally deficient. The recommendation is:

Every month for the next three months have her take one healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid.  I would give her one healthy body start pack 2.0 with the beyond tangy tangerine tablets.  I give her two bottles of plant minerals and three bottles of selenium plus eliminate the 12 bad foods.