December 21, 2015 Dr. Glidden Show

Larry 15:00 (Gastric bypass, Sleep apnea,weight loss insomnia) Larry calls in and asks Dr. Glidden what he can do to help his current situation. He has lost 200 pounds after having a gastric bypass.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • Healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid
  • Plant derived minerals
  • Sweet eze

22:10 (Congestive heart failure) John asks Dr. Glidden about the Lasix medication he is on for dealing with his congestive heart failure. Dr . Glidden mentions that Lasix manages the problem and medical nutrition fixes the problem. The recommendations are to continue with medical nutrition and slowly come off the Lasix under a pharmacists direction.

36:37 (Gall stones) Cleta calls in to give an update. She has been on the ninety essential and good herbs gall bladder support.

Dr. Glidden recommends in addition to the 90 essential nutrients to stop the good herbs and add plant derived minerals and ultimate enzymes.