December 28, 2015 Dr. Glidden Show

14:59 (Endometriosis, migrane, flank abdominal pain, urinary tract infection,)Ryan form Illinois calls in to give an update about his girlfriend. She suffers for multiple health conditions.

Recommendations are:

  1. 90 Essential nutrients
  2. Sweet eze
  3. Ultimate enzymes

17:30 (Detox) Brenda is dealing with some dental issues ad asks Dr. Glidden what she can take.


Two days prior to the cleaning and two days after the cleaning take six killer biotic a day two at breakfast to at lunch and two a dinner that’s of course on top of the 90 essential nutrients appropriate for body weight and elimination of the 12 bad foods.  Additionally, you can get sovereign silver over-the-counter it’s in the best over-the-counter silver colloidal silver product that you can get right now and you do a teaspoon of three times a day.

43:57 (Chronic fatigue) 


  • Healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid
  • Plant denied minerals
  • Ultimate selenium
  • Good herms hypothalamus support

46:23 (Cheri mins) Jen asks if the kids can take the Cheri mins quickly rather than sip slowly. Dr. Glidden says yes no harm no foul.

51:25 (Muscle cramping) 

Recommendations: Triple the calcium dose which will help eliminate the cramping.