January 12, 2016 Dr. Glidden show

Alzheimers/ Sundowner’s syndrome

15:06 – Walter from South Jersey calls in asking about his friend who had dementia. Dr. Glidden mentions it could be sundowner’s syndrome which would be a vitamin B1 deficiency.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • Health body start pack 2.0 liquid
  • D Stress

High blood pressure

18:35 – Greg asks Dr. Glidden about his high blood pressure.He said since he started the good herbs it has gone up. Dr. Glidden mentions there might be an reaction with his medication and mentions to stop taking the supplements for three days. And then restart the supplements andcheck and see if there are any of the supplements raise the blood pressure. 

Sore finger

36:58 – Mr Schwartz asks Dr. Glidden about his trigger finger that get sore form using a nail gun frequently. Dr. Glidden mentions to give bene and joint support.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • Healthy bone and joint pack
  • Plant derived minerals

Rash on limbs

39:30 – Frank asks Dr. Glidden about a rash that he has on his legs that won’t goaway. dr. Glidden recommends that he do a fast one day week or three days a month and to continue on with the supplements.

Breast cancer

46:16 – Barbara asks about her friend who has breast cancer. Is taking some Youngevity supplements and asks Dr. Glidden his suggestions.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • Healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid
  • Plant derived minerals 
  • Ultimate selenium
  • Good herbs anti oxidant support

Bruised ribs

47:50 –  Glenda asks about her friend who has fallen and bruised their ribs.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • CM cream
  • Peppermint oil
  • Good herbs bene and tissue support
  • Healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid
  • Plant derived minerals
  • Beyond Osteo FX