January 13, 2016 Dr. Glidden show


12:15 – Barbara from Maryland called in to ask about A-Fib. She has been taking the Youngevity supplements and has not seen a pot of improvement. Dr. Glidden mentions that he has helped many people with that condition.  Dr. Glidden recommends to use ice between the wing blades on the back. 10 minutes on 15 minutes off three hours a daytwice a day for three days.

Dr Glidden recommendations:

  • CM cream
  • Gluco gel
  • 90 essential nutrients

High blood pressure, Weak Bladder

26:00 Thomas in Iowa call and asks Dr. Glidden about his wife who is experiencing multiple health challenges.

Dr. Glidden recommendations:

  • Eliminate 12 bad foods
  • Healthy body bone and joint packs
  • Plant derived minerals

Weight gain, Scoliosis 

31:00 –  Sandra from Virginia calls in for her sister who needs to gain weight. Her sister is a Vegan.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • Health body start pack 2.0 liquid
  • Plant derived minerals
  • Gluco gel


34:40 – Larry calls from Nashville asking about an antibiotic that doctors prescribed for his sinusitis.  Dr. Glidden mentions he need to go on a good probiotic.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • Flora FX
  • Rootbeer Belly
  • Nightly essence
  • 90 essential