January 26, 2016 Dr. Glidden show

Vitiligo, hairloss

8:05 – Cheryl asks about a friend who is dealing with vitiligo and hairless.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • 90 essential nutrients
  • HGH youth complex
  • Ultimate selenium
  • Avoid 12 bad foods

Colloidal silver

9:16 –  Kathy askswhich is the best colloidal silver.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • Argentum 23

Blood work 

10:25 –  Maria in Ohio call in to asks Dr Glidden his thoughts about elevated calcium levels in the blood test. Dr. Glidden says it is because her nutritional calcium is low.

Kidney failure, dialysis 

24:05 –  Marilyn calls and asks about kidney disease that she was diagnosed with. She started Youngevity and did not need the dialysis. She mentions her amyloid is still high and wants to know what she should take.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • 90 essential nutrients 
  • Cell shield RTQ
  • Seek out a hydro colonic therapist 

Blood Clot

28: 40 –  Allissa calls in and asks Dr. Glidden about a friend who is suffering from a blood clot in her lung.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • Healthy start pack 2.0 liquid
  • EFA Plus
  • Nightly essence 
  • Avoid 12 bad foods