January 5, 2016 Dr. Glidden Show

Vocals chord support

18:00 – Telitha ask what is good for vocal chords. 

  • Dr Glidden recommends10
  • 90 Essential nutrients
  • Gluco Gel 1 capsule for 10 pounds of body weight 



23:00 –  Fay from California calls and asks about what she can do to help with diabetes.Dr. Glidden recommends an experiment for 21 days.

Dr. Glidden recommends:

  • Plant derived minerals
  • Sweet eze
  • 90 Essential nutrients


36:35 – Edgar asks Dr. Glidden about his hypothyroidism. Dr. Glidden mentions to go to my website and watch the webinar that I did on thyroid health and bring yourself up to speed and then apply the therapeutics that I talked about there.


39:00 Cheryl asks about a friend who has a thyroid issued asks if the selenium in the beyond tangy tangerine is sufficient.

Dr. Glidden recommends that anybody that has a thyroid problem is to make sure their neck is good.   Another thing that I would do with nutrition is increaser selenium and make sure she’s doing salt that has iodine in it.