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 My name is Leigh Curry. I am 45 years old. I'm a dog groomer and own a very busy successful salon. This is my recovery story. 

I had a beautiful charmed life. My husband was the most wonderful man in the world and I was lucky to be married to him though he was 20 years my senior we adored each other. And then came a series of tragedies that only God himself pulled me through. On Halloween 2010 my two year old grandson passed away in an accident. The following year I lost my precious mother to melanoma. Then, on April 17th 2011 , I arrived home from work to find the love of my life had died of a massive heart attack in our yard. The pain and stress of this time of my life was unimaginable and I believe it lowered my immune system considerably. 

God in his graciousness give me a second chance at love and I remarried three years later. And it was while my husband and I were on vacation in Montana on our Harley motorcycle that I became very ill with fibromyalgia. It started out in my right foot and I assumed something was wrong with the pegs on the bike. But soon it slowly crept up my legs and began to affect my entire body with severe muscle cramps pain and spasms. My joints were hurting so bad I could hardly enjoy my vacation and could not wait to get home. When I got back I made an appointment with my Doctor who said I had planters fasciitis in my foot. But over the next six months my condition deteriorated. I could hardly get out of bed. I was exhausted and could not get my brain to work properly. I had sweats and fevers when I tried to sleep. I had insomnia and my joints hurt so I could hardly move them. Everything I ate hurt my stomach and caused gas, diarrhea and bloating. So, I made another appointment with my doctor and sat in her office and cried and told her how horrible I was feeling. I could no longer make it through my day and my career was suffering. So, we started the tests. We ruled out all the usual stuff and ended up with fibromyalgia. My doctor immediately wanted to put me on an antidepressant and she prescribed hydrocodone for the pain as well as a referral to a specialist in Spokane. But sitting there listening to her prescribe drugs for me for the rest of my life I knew that my answer did not lie with the doctor. You see I kind of have a hobby. I've been studying natural cancer therapies for about 20 years. I knew that my answer would come in the form of a supplement and dietary changes. So, I refused antidepressants (surprisingly I do not feel I have depression) I asked my doctor to put me on tramadol instead (less of a narcotic and not as addictive) for pain. Then I went home and began my search. I studied everything I could about my condition and natural supplements to ease my symptoms. I spent hundreds of dollars on supplements trying something to give me some relief and absolutely nothing worked. By this point in my life my husband was waking up at 4 AM to bring me my pain pills so I could get out of bed by six to go to work. I was trying everything and I was getting sicker by the day. Then one day one of my clients handed me a CD. She knew about my struggle and she told me just listen to this and see what you think. Since I'm a dog groomer and I started out in veterinary medicine everything about the CD made sense to me. I had my husband listen to the CD and he suggested I try it for the 90 days by now I was completely disillusioned and losing all hope of finding anything that would give me relief. So I reluctantly began my therapy. With the help of some amazing people in my up line and and watching YouTube videos with Dr. Glidden I ordered my first supplements. I ordered the healthy heart pack with extra selenium. There were some other things I could've started on but this is all I could afford at the time. When it arrived I started taking the supplements faithfully. Wanted to give my body every chance for recovery so I followed the good food bad food list strictly. And for four weeks I noticed no improvement at all. Then at about four weeks one day I got out of bed without assistance. In the next month my condition improved quite rapidly. I drink a ton of water and ate very carefully and took my supplements faithfully twice a day. Within 60 days I was able to decrease my pain medication to only a small dose in the morning. I was able to get out of bed. I was able to do my job to my fullest capacity. I started exercising again my brain fog lifted and I felt wonderful for the first time in two years. I’ve had only two minor fibromyalgia flare's in the last 90 days. I know that not everyone will have the same results that I did so quickly. I consider this nothing short of a miracle. I was incredibly blessed that God led me directly to Dr. Wallach and Youngevity. Today I've been on the program a little more than four months and I will never stop taking my products. I feel a little bit better every single day and I praise God that I am getting well. if you have fibromyalgia I strongly urge you to give this program a try for 90 days. Stay strictly on the foods program because that is a key part of this program. I know that when I have strayed and eaten something that I should not have I immediately felt worse and it took me a few days to recover. Wellness is possible and I'm living proof. God bless dr. Wallach and his wonderful formulas for total health!

UPDATE:January 2016
I've been on plan now for I think 8 months. I've added glucogel, root beer belly, plant derived minerals and rebound for my workouts. I like pollen burst as well. Only had one recent flare when I let myself (stupidly) run out of selenium around Christmas. Had a miserable weekend. Within three days of taking it again I was well again. I joined a gym last week and I'm doing some cardio and light weights. I skip it if I've had a particularly busy day at the shop. I know my limitations. I also realized today I have not experienced the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that I usually get in the Idaho winter with no sunshine. Even though I've had a particularly trying time at my shop with employees this winter. I am blessed 😊

Update: March 2017
So in October I decided to research and try the ketogenic diet. In addition to my supplements I now keep my dietary fat high and carbohydrates low. And I'm feeling even better! I have not had any symptoms since Christmas when I decided to blow off my diet for a couple of weeks. It took me an entire month to recover fully. Lesson learned! Today I am a happy and healthy and in complete remission as long as I stick to my plan. Fibromyalgia is not something you have to live with the rest of your life. It is recoverable and I am living proof. And there are so many people just like me that have also recovered from this horrible illness. Wishing you health and happiness on whatever health journey you may be on 😊