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 I had been suffering from gout attacks that were becoming more frequent and severe so obviously I was searching desperately for relief. I tried everything from the cherries to drinking baking soda and of course I wasn't eating the bad gout foods. Nothing really helped significantly, and some things seem to make it worse. I was desperate, the situation was dire. I sincerely prayed to God for a miracle because that was what it was going to take. The next day while scouring YouTube videos for gout info I found Dr Peter Glidden. He said grains cause inflammation and gout is inflammation so don't eat grains. I thought no way, that’s stupid, but I was DESPERATE. I began the no grain regimen and began to improve. within a few days I noticed a significant improvement. It's been well over a year and I continue to improve but I still deal with attacks on occasion. I recently began using the Youngevity products and am feeling better each day. I got the ZRadical  CEO pack and I continue to improve. Between the Youngevity products and Dr. Glidden I truly have a new lease on life. Thank you God for Dr. Glidden. He is a very special person.