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Hey Doc, spending time with you is never wasted. Came across Dr. Glidden 12 Bad Foods on U Tube about a year ago, gr8 stuff, stopped eating these. Started on Youngevity at that time, since then. brain fog, no more, had seizures a few years back, have weaned down to 1 pill per day will be off them in a few more weeks, headaches gone, better balance at all times, more energy. Am a 70-year-old male still work most every day, am an avid gardener, cycle a couple of time a week weather permitting. Take care have a gr8 day, Martin

This may seem like not a big deal but every month I've suffered greatly from menstrual cramps, constant headaches & nausea. Over the past few months I've noticed a reduction of symptoms & this month I've had NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL. I'm completely floored & ecstatic. It appears that my calcium and, magnesium reservoir is getting topped off. I think the Beyond Osteo FX is a little under rated.

I want to start off my story which in April of 2017, I found Dr. Glidden from a you tube video on Chemotherapy. I knew from seeing other friends family and Acquaintances who followed this protocol did not last long and had horrible side effects. After watching Dr. Glidden's radio show and his description of the 12 bad foods I was always open minded and began the journey of eliminating these foods from my diet. Also into the bargain I began to take the 90 EN on a daily basis.  The Changes that occurred kept me going because the first symptom of really bad heartburn vanished.  I was also prone to headaches daily. That also vanished.  Following the 12 bad food list one naturally will move away from a high carb diet, to one high in protein and vegetables. Before even I had even noticed, I was being complemented on the weight that I was losing. I went from a 34 inch waist down the a 32 and the "beer belly" vanished.  I also had ringing in the ears and back pain. I began taking extra calcium and Gluco gels and both of these conditions have been corrected.  I also was running a blood pressure of 155 over 102 on a regular basis. One year later my resting blood pressure is 135 over 86!!  My sleep is better, my mood is better, my sex drive is better, everything has brightened up and as a male who is 51 years old I'm looking forward to many more healthy years because of Dr. Glidden and Dr. Wallach!!

I have become a champion of the Naturopathic Doctor when it comes to chronic aliments, and will never stop. God bless these men and the work that they do.