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Live chat with dr. glidden

  • 2nd Monday of the month @ 8:00 PM Central Time

  • 2nd Wednesday of the Month @ 11:00 AM Central Time.


  • There will be NO PROMOTION of your own Youngevity business (or anything else) in the Chat Room during the Live Events. Also - No Trolling, and please be polite.

  • These rules will be strictly enforced by the moderator - and you will be ejected from the Chat Room if you are naughty. No Kidding.


  • Search The ARCHIVES Before You Submit Your Question Please.

    The chances are high that Dr. Glidden has already answered a similar question, and we are trying to avoid redundancy.

  • Question for Dr. G?

    Click on the orange tab on the side of your screen to type your question to Dr. Glidden. This will appear approximately 15 minutes before the livestream starts, and disappear about 15 minutes before it ends. YOU MUST LEAVE THIS BOX OPEN UNTIL YOUR QUESTION IS ANSWERED. When you close the box, it disappears from Dr. Glidden’s view.

  • Dr. Glidden does NOT see the public chat.


live chat protocols

  • Questions are answered in order of their appearance. In LARGE groups, not all questions can be answered. If you pay attention, someone else may ask a question similar to yours. So pay attention please - and close your question box if someone else asks a question similar to yours and Dr. Glidden answers it.

  • Please keep your questions SHORT. Dr. Glidden will not answer lengthy questions which include an exhaustive Health History.

  • If your question has been addressed in a past presentation, the moderator will inform you of such and tell you where to go to find the answer.

  • This is NOT the appropriate place to ask questions regarding your use of Pharmaceutical Drugs, as this area of medicine is not in Dr. Glidden’s knowledge-base.


This event is NOT to be misconstrued as a Doctor/Patient relationship, and Dr. Glidden makes no claims as to the efficacy of his recommendations. The human body is a complicated thing, and is the reason why medical malpractice insurance premiums are the highest for anesthesiologists - because you never really know how someone’s body is going to react to the general anesthesia drugs. Nothing is 100% set in stone as there are always many variables in play. Dr. Glidden will give you his advice about what he has seen work in the past, but that is no guarantee that his recommendations will be 100% effective for you. It is always a good idea to secure the services of a local, licensed and regulated Wholistic Health Care practitioner to help you objectively gauge your response to the health-recovery strategies you currently are using, or the ones you are considering adopting - whether they are recommended by Dr. Glidden or by someone else. You can find a list of practitioners that Dr Glidden recommends here.