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attention subscribers!

over the years we have had many different Subscription levels, each with its own amount of live-chat access. this has become too cumbersome for us to manage.

so - beginning in june 2019, all subscription levels will have access to the same 2 hours of live-chat each month.*

in the mean time, please refer to the links below to find the live chat session for your subscription.

* We want to hear from you regarding your preferred times and days for the live chat sessions. Would you prefer one 2-Hour session; or two 1-Hour sessions each month? Which days of the week, and at which times?

  • Please email your requests to: We will make our final decision in early June 2019.

  • We value your feedback, as these Live-Chat sessions are for YOU. So let us know your thoughts.

  • We are in Central Time USA - so make sure your requests reflect that. Thank you!

access your live chat room here