With an Ambassador and Executives subscription at you are automatically enrolled into the MMBR Partner program and have the ability to get paid by promoting Dr. Glidden's subscription service. This commission arrangement is referred to as an “Partner” program. By sharing pages and content from to Facebook, Twitter, email, or otherwise, when someone uses the link you've shared, MMBR will associate that person (and a commission) with you if they become a subscriber within 30 days from your share. Pretty awesome right! As a Ambassador you will be paid 25% of the monthly subscription fee of anybody that you bring in as a subscriber – for every month that they (and you) remain a subscriber. Executives will be paid 30% monthly commission!

Follow these three easy steps to get set up.


Step 1

Set up your financials

Login to your MMBR account and go to Account on the top right side. Then click Verification. Enter in your contact and banking details. Your details will be verified in a few minutes. Now when someone signs up, you'll get the commission deposited directly into your account.

Step 2

Share Links

While still signed into your MMBR account click "Partnerships". Look at the bottom box containing the "unique promotion link:"

Share method: This link can be posted on Facebook, emailed, inserted in email marketing campaigns, embedded in links for banners, etc. It can be used anywhere you wish to attract people to go to my website site and earn a commission if they also become subscribers.

Step 3

Get Paid

It's only two business days from when a commission is made that it will be deposited into your bank account.  It's seriously as easy as that!


The partnership feature is only available for certain subscriber levels.
Upgrade today - spread the word, and get paid.