Podcast 005

Paradigms are embedded into cultural beliefs and scientific discipline. Read more from Dr. Glidden.

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Elerick from Texas calls in giving Dr. Glidden a update with his diabetes. He has been dealing with this health challenge for 19 years. The MDs amputated a few toes around 3 years ago, which made the situation worse. Since then he has been usingthe Youngevity nutritional products and has seen improvements to his health. Currently he is experiencing water retention from the knees down. 

Regarding the swelling Dr Glidden says there is not enough protein in the blood. He recommends that half of his diet needs to be protein. Add salt which helps to have strong healthy stomach acid which aids in digestion. 

Dr. Glidden recommends he take 4 scoops of Beyond Tangy Tangerine per day. Continue on with 12 Sweeteze per day. 1 bottle of Ultimate daily and 2 ounces of plant derived minerals per day. Dr. Glidden also recommends a homeopathic remedy called natrum sulphuricum, and to call back in two weeks with an update.

The next caller is Dave in the Thumb. Dave is calling in for a friend who is trying to lose weight. He has started the healthy body challenge but can’t afford the correct amount of supplements for his body weight.

Dr. Glidden recommends that he drop to 1200 calories a day. Plant derived minerals is also recommended between meals in order to quell his appetite until he gets used to the restricted caloric intake. And 1 Healthy Body Start Pack 2.0 liquid and one bottle of ultimate enzymes per month. 

He should notice a noticeable measurable improvement within 4 weeks. Dr. Glidden tells Dave to keep up the good work because his people need him more than he knows.

Live long and prosper!

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